Student-Community Collaboration to Construct Mobile Learning Games

November 19, 2011

This article describes a project integrating mobile learning games into my course at Appalachian State University, in collaboration with a community partner and for the community as a whole. My interest in mobile learning began over 10 years ago, when I worked in an IT consulting company designing mobile applications. At that time, just at the end of the dot-com era, there was a lot of talk about mobile services providing “anytime, anywhere” access to…well, just about everything, including educational content. The dream was, and perhaps still is, that mobile computing will provide ubiquitous access to knowledge, information, and educational content. Even back then, I began to wonder, who will build it? Through experiences in integrating mobile learning into courses over the past few years, I have come to believe that the answer to that question is — all of us.


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