Eight Leading Online Education Companies License HearMe’s eLearning VoIP and Interactivity Solutions to Enhance Virtual Classroom Experience

August 10, 2000

Mountain View, CA (August 9, 2000) — HearMe (Nasdaq:

HEAR), a proven leader in providing advanced, real-time voice communication

technologies today announced it has licensed its voice over IP (VoIP)

solutions and real-time multiuser application servers to eight leading

corporate learning and online education companies. HearMe customers

in the high-growth elearning space include Educata, eInstruction,

Englishtown.com, EpicLearning, HorizonLive, Learnability, Inc.,

Tutor.com and WiredCollege.com.

This “next generation” form of online learning uses HearMe™

technology in live voice or real-time application services to allow

students to join discussions directly through their Internet-connected

PC or from any standard telephone, saving the student considerable

time and money compared to attending class in person or via conference

call. In addition, HearMe’s solution allows corporate education

departments or online institutions to significantly reduce costs

by allowing employees or students to be trained locally, through

centralized online instruction. HearMe customers can add this functionality

by working with HearMe’s elearning voice solution or HearMe’s real-time

multiuser application server, POP.X™.

Adding HearMe’s technology solutions to an existing virtual classroom

deepens the level of interaction among teachers, tutors and students.

For example, elearning offers a variety of flexible opportunities

to fit continuing education into a busy schedule, whether it’s mandatory

continuing education for certification—or just keeping up with

the latest developments for personal growth. Elearning allows students

to enroll in instructor-led courses, take tests, access educational

resources and discuss classroom topics with other students in open

and hosted discussion sessions.

“HearMe’s voice solution addresses several of the key issues confronting

a large portion of our target audience,” said Educata CEO, Keith

Edwards. “Adding live voice increases student/instructor interaction,

enables the ability to ask questions in real-time, and offers a

more rewarding classroom environment. We’re always looking for technology

that is easy to deploy, enhances the learning experience, and makes

it as convenient, inexpensive and simple as possible for our students

to use.”

“By enabling students and trainees to fully interact with the

presenter via two-way live voice, HearMe makes HorizonLive software’s

the most robust tool available for live on-demand learning,” said

HorizonLive CEO, Bob Clyatt. “Important messages and ideas can now

be flawlessly communicated on the Internet.”

“HearMe’s technology has enabled our students to participate in

classes either by talking through their PC or by using a regular

phone connection if they do not have a access to a microphone/headset-enabled

computer,” said Robert Ramers, CEO, Learnability, Inc. “We can also

quickly schedule live classes over the Internet without having to

provide extensive tech support for sound set up beforehand. We expect

the use of this technology to save us hundreds of thousands of dollars

a year in conference call charges.”

“Tutor.com needed an interactive, online application that we could

deploy quickly and easily,” said David Berger, CTO of Tutor.com.

“HearMe’s POP.X real-time multiuser application server provided

us with a scalable solution that improved our time to market.”

“Real-time live voice is a natural next step for the emerging

elearning market,” said Frank Chu, senior vice president and general

manager, HearMe Business Products Group. “Our technology enables

students and teachers to connect via the PC or phone in a virtual

classroom which is more convenient and less expensive for students

and instructors to access these classrooms from a variety of areas.”

Depending on an organization’s implementation of HearMe’s live

voice and/or real-time application server technology, students,

teachers and tutors can interact using a “virtual classroom” which

allows them to talk, write, draw, collaborate, and interact as though

they are sitting side-by-side in the same room. Using instant text

and voice communication technology facilitates a contextual interchange

among all parties present. Features can include tiered user participation

(moderator, panelist and participant), the ability to send text

questions, questions screening, an auditorium environment, the ability

to record/playback classes and full duplex (simultaneous two-way)


HearMe eLearning Customers

    HearMe elearning customers include:

  • Educata: Educata has licensed HearMe’s VoiceNETWORK solution

    and will and will integrate the technology to provide a voice

    interface between the students themselves and the teachers, in

    a virtual classroom environment. www.educata.com

  • Englishtown.com: Englishtown has licensed HearMe’s POP.X solution

    and will integrate the technology to create interactive applications.


  • eInstruction: eInstruction has licensed HearMe’s VoiceNETWORK

    solution and will integrate the technology to support distance

    learning classes through the CyberClass platform. www.einstruction.com

  • EpicLearning: EpicLearning has licensed HearMe’s VoiceNETWORK

    solution and will integrate the technology to provide a voice

    interface between the students themselves and the teachers, in

    a virtual classroom environment. www.epiclearning.com

  • HorizonLive: HorizonLive has licensed HearMe’s VoiceNETWORK

    solution and will integrate the technology with their collaborative

    application for elearning. www.horizonlive.com

  • Learnability, Inc: Learnability has licensed HearMe’s VoiceNETWORK

    solution and will integrate the technology to connect students

    and instructors in live elearning classes. www.learnability.com.

  • Tutor.com: Tutor.com has licensed HearMe’s POP.X and VoiceSERVER

    solutions as an addition to its online classroom. Tutor.com offers

    tutors the opportunity to teach in the tutor.com online classroom

    from any setting, on any subject, at any time. Students select

    tutors by multiple criteria including subject and hourly fee as

    well as teaching philosophies, academic and teaching qualifications

    and reviews from previous students. www.tutor.com

  • Wired College Network: The Wired College Network has licensed

    HearMe’s VoiceNETWORK solution and will integrate the technology

    to create content delivery software in which they encourage colleges

    and universities to use their collaborative tools for their elearning

    environment. www.wiredcollege.com.

About HearMe Products and Technology

To take advantage of HearMe technologies, customers can either “rent”

or “buy” real-time voice capabilities based on their level of technology

expertise and desired level of application control. Customers, who

want to quickly enable their Web application without the responsibility

of managing the voice component, can implement voice applications

hosted by HearMe on its VoiceNETWORK™. VoiceNETWORK transparently

serves voice traffic to a customer’s application, allowing businesses

to focus on the “front-end” customer experience.

Customers, who would like complete control over their voice-enabled

application, can build and host their own voice services with HearMe

VoiceSERVER™. VoiceSERVER makes it easy for organizations to

develop, deploy and host voice applications that are scalable and

tightly integrated with “back-end” applications such as customer

databases and ad servers.

HearMe POP.X™ is the premiere real-time multiuser application

server for scalable user interactivity. With the POP.X real-time

multiuser application server, developers of highly interactive applications

can bring new products to market faster, deploy them seamlessly,

and operate them cost effectively. Java, C++, Flash and Shockwave

applications running on HearMe POP.X:

  • Are able to scale to millions of users
  • Are compatible and easily integrated with a broad array of high-end


  • Can be administered and monitored with POP.X

About HearMe

HearMe is revolutionizing voice communication on the Internet by

providing real-time voice capabilities to all businesses and consumers,

across the communication spectrum — from phone to Web to wireless.

A proven leader in the voice over IP market, the Company develops,

operates and licenses advanced technology that leverages the familiarity

of the telephone and the power of the Internet to deliver next-generation

voice communication. HearMe technologies are enhancing a wide range

of vertical market segments including telecommunications, e-commerce/

customer support, business-to-business conferencing, elearning,

Web events and consumer communities. Companies working with HearMe

technology include Macromedia, Evoke, Ask Jeeves, LivePerson, Asiacontent.com,

MTV Online Networks, StarMedia Network, GTECH Corporation, Creative

Technologies and Sony Online Entertainment. Founded in early 1995

as Mpath Interactive, Inc., HearMe is located in Mountain View,

Calif., and can be found on the Internet at www.hearme.com

or reached at 650/429-3900.

Except for the historical information contained herein, the matters

discussed in this news release are forward-looking statements that

involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results

to differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements.

Potential risks and uncertainties include, without limitation, changing

legislation and government regulation, HearMe’s dependence on its

ability to significantly increase its user base, user minutes, advertising

revenue and revenue from HearMe Technology Products customers; to

launch new products, to maintain and develop strategic relationships

with media, Internet and technology companies; to recruit engineering

and sales staff, to successfully integrate newly acquired companies

and to compete effectively. These and other risk factors are described

in detail in the Company’s Annual Report on form 10-K for the period

ended December 31, 1999, the Company’s form 10-Q for the period

ended March 31, 2000, and in HearMe’s other filings with the Securities

and Exchange Commission.

Note to Editors: HearMe is a trademark of HearMe. All other product

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