Planning for the Future of Higher Education By Farhad Saba, Rick L. Shearer © 2018 – Routledge 208 pages | 14 B/W Illus. ORDER THE BOOK  Transactional Distance and Adaptive Learning takes a fresh look at one of the pioneering educational theories that accommodates the impact of information and communications technologies in learning. The theory […]

September 9, 2017 | Daily News, New Books

Taking the Pulse of a Class

New app seeks to shake up student ratings of instruction by promoting open-ended feedback in the moment, throughout the semester, so that the feedback becomes more constructive than punitive. Inside Higher Ed

February 21, 2018 | Assessment, Daily News, Faculty, Higher Education

I Know How You Felt This Semester

New software aims to help instructors understand students better, but raises privacy and practicality concerns. Inside Higher Ed

February 21, 2018 | Daily News, Policy

Trends in eLearning: Tracking the Impact of eLearning at Community Colleges

Thirteen years ago, the Instructional Technology Council’s (ITC) board of directors created this survey instrument so as to produce data of use to eLearning practitioners.  The survey targeted the ITC membership of predominantly two-year institutions. After all, from the inception of online learning, the community college movement embraced the value of online education to the […]

February 21, 2018 | Accessibility, Assessment, Curriculum, Daily News, Faculty, Faculty Development, Higher Education, Learners, Management, Online Learning

Lessons Learned From a $75 Million Failed Experiment

Nine out of 10 start-ups fail, but when they do, founders and private investors — not the state — typically foot the bill. That is among the reasons why this month’s closure of the University of Texas System’s Institute for Transformational Learning is drawing significant attention in Texas and elsewhere. Inside Higher Ed

February 21, 2018 | Daily News, Governance, Higher Education

Syracuse Law Gains Approval for (Mostly) Online J.D.

Syracuse University College of Law has won approval from the American Bar Association’s accreditation division to offer a J.D. program in which roughly two-thirds of the course work will be completed online — although about half of the credits completed at a distance will be conducted live, in real time, school officials note. The ABA […]

February 20, 2018 | Accreditation, Daily News, Higher Education

Pre-service EFL teachers’ online participation, interaction, and social presence

Participation in online communities is an increasing need for future language teachers and their professional development. Through such participation, they can experience and develop an awareness of the behaviors required to facilitate their future learners’ participation in online learning. This article investigates participation, interaction patterns, and social presence (SP) levels of pre-service English as a […]

February 19, 2018 | Blended Learning, Daily News, Discussion Forum, Faculty Development, Higher Education, Social Media, Social Networks, Social Presence

Interactive digital textbooks and engagement: A learning strategies framework

This mixed-methods study explored non-native English speaking students’ learning processes and engagement as they used a customized interactive digital textbook housed on a mobile device. Think aloud protocols, surveys of anticipated and actual engagement with the digital textbook, reflective journals, and member checking constituted data collection. Participants included 13 students in a large U.S. university […]

February 19, 2018 | Daily News, Higher Education, Instructional Design, Learning Design

The Art of Blending: Benefits and Challenges of a Blended Course for Pre-Service Teachers

In this study, we explore the design and delivery of a blended social studies teaching methods course according to principles and core attributes of blended course design. In a survey at the end of the course, pre-service teachers were asked to reflect on their experience in the course, and identify the benefits and challenges of […]

February 19, 2018 | Blended Learning, Daily News, Higher Education, Instructional Design

Social Impact in Personalized Virtual Professional Development Pathways

This article presents exploratory research into an education-based virtual mentoring provision, the Virtual Professional Learning and Development (VPLD) program, and uses the Elements of Value Pyramid to help frame findings in a way that highlights the participants’ (mentors’ and mentees’) perceived value of working together. Participants were educators and education leaders based within primary and […]

February 19, 2018 | Daily News, Faculty, Faculty Development, Higher Education, Social Networks