Dr. Andrew Peterson

Exclusive Interview With Dr. Andrew Peterson

  Dr. Saba: What attracted you to the field of technology in education? Dr. Peterson: I was working as a psychologist and director of a family and child guidance in Pennsylvania. The clinic was part of the community mental health center in a rural area in the Allegheny mountains. One typical client would be a […]

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Download: Asian Association of Open Universities Journal June 2015 issue

Table of Contents Student Satisfaction and Persistence: Imperative Features for Retention in Open and Distance Learning Maximus Gorky Sembiring Mobile Applications at a Mega University: Anadolu University Campus App Ozgur Yilmazel and Erk Ekin Learner Autonomy through the Adoption of Open Educational Resources Using Social Network Services and Multi-media E-textbooks Masumi Hori, Seishi Ono, Shinzo […]

July 30, 2015 | Daily News, Research


Exploring High-End Visualization for Research and Education

Georgia State University created a technology-rich visualization space that supports research and instruction and explores the transformative potential of visual media across all disciplines. Campus Technology

July 28, 2015 | Daily News, Higher Education

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The Effectiveness of E‑Learning: An Explorative and Integrative Review of the Definitions, Methodologies and Factors that Promote e‑Learning Effectiveness

A structured search of library databases revealed that research examining the effectiveness of e-Learning has heavily increased within the last five years. After taking a closer look at the search results, the authors discovered that previous researchers defined and investigated effectiveness in multiple ways. At the same time, learning and development professionals within public and […]

July 26, 2015 | Daily News, Higher Education, Research


Developing confidence in the use of digital tools in teaching

In this study Higher Education teachers were offered new mobile devices with very few conditions attached. The aim was to introduce staff to mobile technology and how it could be used to support teaching and learning within a small, interdisciplinary campus. The study hypothesized that by offering staff the simple incentive of new mobile devices […]

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Developing a Pathway for an Institution Wide ePortfolio Program

A grassroots committee of faculty and administrators from eight academic and student service units at the George Washington University used a five-phase process to identify the ePortfolio needs of its diverse community; select appropriate technologies to support the breadth of functions required; perform usability studies; pilot test the platform; and evaluate the outcomes of this […]

July 26, 2015 | Daily News, Higher Education, Technology

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Assessing a Collaborative Online Environment for Music Composition

The current pilot study tested the effectiveness of an e-learning environment built to enable students to compose music collaboratively. The participants interacted online by using synchronous and asynchronous resources to develop a project in which they composed a new music piece in collaboration. After the learning sessions, individual semi-structured interviews with the participants were conducted […]

July 26, 2015 | Daily News, Research


The Factors and Impacts of Large-Scale Digital Content Accreditations

E-learning is an important and widespread contemporary trend in education. Because its success depends on the quality of digital materials, the mechanism by which such materials are accredited has received considerable attention and has influenced the design and implementation of digital courseware. For this reason, this study examined the mechanism by which digital materials are […]

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An interprofessional approach to a distance learning dilemma

 Teaching is not an activity that is done in isolation. It takes colleagues with diverse talents and skills to create and build effective learning tools that improve student learning outcomes. Content, pedagogy, and technical expertise are required when new learning technologies are developed. Learning in a practice discipline, such as advanced practice nursing, can be […]

July 26, 2015 | Daily News, Research


Handling disruptive innovations in HE: lessons from two contrasting case studies

This article aims to show how Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) can recognise and best respond to a disruptive innovation. A disruptive innovation creates a new business model using a new process and usually a new technology to offer a product or service with new features and/or lower cost and initially addresses a group of people […]

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Researchers Open Repository for ‘Dark Data’

Wired CampusResearchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are leading an effort to create a one-stop shop for data sets that would otherwise be lost to the public after the papers they were produced for are published. Wired Campus

July 26, 2015 | Higher Education