Download Report: 2014 Innovating Pedagogy Report, By Open University

The Open University are pleased to announce 2014’s Innovating Pedagogy report, the third innovation report in its series released by The OU. Produced by the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University, the report identifies ten educational terms, theories and practices that have the potential to provoke major shifts in educational practice in the […]

November 30, 2014 | Higher Education, Research

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The Development of Online Distance Education in Saudi Arabia

The population of Saudi Arabia is estimated to be around 20 million citizens, with 9 million additional foreigners. eLearn Magazine

December 18, 2014 | Daily News

5 Things We Know About College Students in 2014

Everybody wants to know what college students are thinking, especially educators and marketers. What do they like? What are they like? Wired Campus

December 18, 2014 | Daily News


The Pulse: Jay Bhatt of Blackboard

  This month’s edition of The Pulse podcast features the second part of a two-part interview with Jay Bhatt, the chief executive officer of Blackboard. Inside Higher Ed

December 18, 2014 | Daily News, Higher Education


Teaching the disembodied: Othering and activity systems in a blended synchronous learning situation

This study examines what happens when online and campus students participate in real time in the same campus classroom. Before this study, postgraduate students studying online in a course intended primarily as professional development for language educators were taking the course through reading the course literature including assigned articles, writing reflective texts in the asynchronous […]

December 14, 2014 | Daily News, Higher Education, Research

Learner Computer

Identity and the itinerant online learner

This paper outlines a preliminary study of the kinds of strategies that master students draw upon for interpreting and enacting their identities in online learning environments. Based primarily on the seminal works of Goffman (1959) and Foucault (1988), the Web of Identity Model (Koole, 2009; Koole and Parchoma, 2012) is used as an underlying theoretical […]

December 14, 2014 | Daily News, Higher Education, Research


Impact of Learner’s Characteristics and Learning Behaviour on Learning Performance during a Fully Online Course

A fully online learning environment requires effective learning management in order to promote pro-active education. Since student’s notes are a reflection of the progress of their education, analysis of notes taken can be used to track the learning process of students who participate in fully online courses. This paper presents the causal relationships between student’s […]

December 14, 2014 | Daily News, Higher Education, Research


Using e-Portfolios to Assess Program Goals, Integrative Learning and Civic Engagement: A Case Example

Providing opportunities to foster students’ civic engagement during their undergraduate education is a goal of many universities. There are a variety of ways in which students participate in community service and in community change efforts and social change initiatives; capturing how students integrate these experiences into their broader learning goals can help both students and […]

December 14, 2014 | Daily News, Higher Education, Research


Reflective Course Design: An Interplay Between Pedagogy and Technology in a Language Teacher Education Course

This study reports on a sequence of iterative redesigns of a graduate-level foreign language teacher education course. The study describes the interplay between technology and pedagogy that resulted in important curricular changes, from a focus on individual to social and then holistic reflection. Using a team-based design model, instructional experts worked collaboratively over multiple redesigns, […]

December 14, 2014 | Daily News, Higher Education, Research


Beyond the MOOC Model: Changing Educational Paradigms

Four trends – MOOC-based degrees, competency-based education, the formalization of learning, and regulatory reform – are shifting educational practice away from core tenets of traditional education, indicating not a transient phenomenon but rather a fundamental change to the status quo. EDUCAUSE

December 14, 2014 | Daily News