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Download Report: Nordic countries are debating an unusual solution to economic change: Mandatory adult education

Imagine if it weren’t just kids who, by law, had to attend school, but also grandparents. That is a proposal under debate in Nordic countries, where officials are considering a plan that would mandate adult education in later life. The Washington Post

4 ways technology is effectively bridging higher ed to the workforce

Internet- and technology-based supports are helping traditional colleges and universities reach the national goal of helping students find their place in the workforce. eCampus News

Economies of the Internet

What we do when we are online is inextricably linked to economics. Restrictions on commercial use of the Internet were lifted in 1991 and a small number of commercial sites existed on the Web even prior to its popularization from 1993–94. Today, tweeting news events, searching for information on movie screenings, talking to others, or […]

Download Report: Transforming Chaos into Clarity: The Promises and Challenges of Digital Credentialing

How should our current higher education system be transformed to better prepare workers for the new economy? A brief from the Roosevelt Institute explores this question, focusing on the emerging challenges and opportunities associated with credentialing. Lumina Foundation 

Download Report: Public Predictions for the Future of Workforce Automation

A majority of Americans predict that within 50 years, robots and computers will do much of the work currently done by humans – but few workers expect their own jobs or professions to experience substantial impacts Pew Research Center

How Venture Capital Misses the Boat With Higher Education Technology

Blogger and self-proclaimed “troublemaker” Audrey Watters discusses venture capital in education, learning analytics, artificial intelligence and more. Campus Technology

How Higher Education Remains Viable in a Dynamic World

To better grasp the numerous issues confronting the higher education industry and identify ways to refine an imperfect but crucial system, IBM consulted experts from both industry and academia. In collaboration with the Economist Intelligence Unit, the IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed more than 900 academic industry leaders from private and public colleges and […]

How Technology Is Destroying Jobs

Given his calm and reasoned academic demeanor, it is easy to miss just how provocative Erik Brynjolfsson’s contention really is. ­Brynjolfsson, a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and his collaborator and coauthor Andrew McAfee have been arguing for the last year and a half that impressive advances in computer technology—from improved industrial […]

Open Letter on the Digital Economy

A group of leading technologists, economists, and investors propose a new approach to help us adapt to new technologies. MIT Technology Review

Economics of scholarly communication in transition

Academic library budgets are the primary source of revenue for scholarly journal publishing. There is more than enough money in the budgets of academic libraries to fund a fully open access scholarly journal publishing system. Seeking efficiencies, such as a reasonable average cost per article, will be key to a successful transition. This article presents […]