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‘Inclusive Access’ Takes Off

Major education publishers — including Pearson, Cengage and McGraw-Hill Education — report that the number of colleges offering “inclusive-access” programs has grown rapidly in recent years. Where previously students might have been assigned textbooks individually, now many institutions are signing up whole classes of students to automatically receive digital course materials at a discounted rate, […]

Net Price Keeps Creeping Up

In what has become a familiar pattern in the last several years, published tuition and fee prices increased at a relatively low, steady rate this year — but financial aid again failed to keep up, resulting in students paying more to attend college. Inside Higher Ed

Rethinking College

Rethinking College Every Tuesday night from August 22 through September 19, 2017, PBS NewsHour airs its annual special 5-part Rethinking College series. NewsHour Correspondent and Weekend Anchor Hari Sreenivasan traveled throughout the United States to profile five innovative programs designed to make college more affordable and provide non-traditional students the higher education they need to […]

Download Report: Limited Means, Limited Options College Remains Unaffordable for Many Americans

Limited Means, Limited Options College Remains Unaffordable for Many Americans This paper offers five recommendations to address issues of affordability that negatively affect college access and completion: Federal policymakers should protect and strengthen the Pell Grant. States should strengthen direct investment in public colleges and need-based aid programs. Colleges should manage institutional costs to concentrate […]