Zoologic Brings Browser Delivery, Improved Learning Delivery System To Industry Proven Blended Learning Solution

November 2, 2001

Zoologic, Inc., the leading provider of web-based financial courseware and fully blended learning solutions for the finance community, today announced the September release of its next generation Learning Solution, featuring content delivered over a standard web- browser, and a powerful Learning Delivery System.

With the new system, Zoologic proves once again that online learning can be engaging and highly effective. The offering maintains Zoologic’s commitment to high-quality financial content created in collaboration with respected practitioners, and to the company’s unique pedagogical approach, known through the financial services industry for its sophisticated use of animations and user interactivity. To increase scalability, the content has been re-authored using standard web tools, which allow the courses, already used on over 750,000 desktops worldwide, to be delivered more easily, with only the requirement of a standard web-browser.

As part of the new system, Zoologic’s improved Learning Delivery System (“LDS”), the platform that supports use of the courses and just-in-time (JIT) content, provides the best learning experience on the market. More than a play forward, play back interface, the Zoologic LDS supports high quality animations, user interactivity, hyperlinks, repeatable numerical exercises and tests, glossary links, as well as random number generation to ensure the learning experience is rich and rewarding. Easily integrated with any standard LMS or other AICC/SCORM compliant system, the LDS ensures that learners get a consistent, high quality learning experience every time. Expanding the power of this platform, clients can also publish any internal or third party content to the LDS where it can be enhanced with many of the standard features found in Zoologic’s own courses.

“Our clients expect and deserve the most sophisticated content and most easily deployable learning solutions,” said David J. Samuels, CEO of Zoologic. “Zoologic’s new browser-based financial course and JIT library employs the most scalable, interoperable technology on the market while maintaining our commitment to engaging, interactive financial content.” Globally, many organizations have lined up to be among the first to install the browser-based Learning Solution, which Zoologic will deploy to all new clients immediately and to all of its existing customers over the next six to nine months.

Zoologic is the leading provider of web-based financial courseware and fully blended learning solutions for finance professionals. The firm serves over 400 investment firms, banks, corporations, governmental agencies, and universities in more than 45 countries. Zoologic’s learning resources include over 300 hours of course-based learning and more than 1,000 learning objects spanning complex topics such as fixed income, capital markets, risk management, derivatives, and portfolio management. In addition to online delivery, the Company also offers a complete set of instructor-led courses delivered in classroom and via the web.

The company’s proven pedagogical approach employs a powerful mix of interactivity, instructor-led training, and animation to demystify complex finance topics without oversimplifying them. The company also offers a wide range of services designed to assist clients with the expertise required for implementing and successfully operating an end-to-end eLearning program.

Zoologic was founded in 1993 under Bankers Trust, and is now a privately-owned company with major investments by Conning Capital Partners, Deutsche Bank, Green Capital Partners, Irwin Ventures, Nomura Holding America Inc., and Northaven Partners. The company is headquartered in New York City. For more information visit www.zoologic.com