Zooba.com Announces Co-Marketing And Distribution Deal With SchoolSucess.net

March 2, 2001

Zooba.com (www.zooba.com), a leading direct marketing company that leverages the power of email to equip media properties with a cost-effective, highly targeted marketing and distribution channel, today announces its co-marketing and content distribution deal with SchoolSuccess.net, an e-learning company that provides families with children aged 8 and younger and their teachers with online learning tools to enhance a child’s early development and education.

Zooba will offer content provided by EarlyLearner.net, a Web service devoted to supporting the learning and development of children aged 2 to 6 and a property of SchoolSuccess.net, to expand its offering, attract more users and advertisers, and drive people to register at EarlyLearner.net. The EarlyLearner program helps parents build individualized portfolios for their children that contain learning activities and other custom resources geared precisely to that child’s level of development.

Under the agreement, Zooba will create a new child development category with three topical channel offerings: Toddlers (ages 2 and 3), Pre-Schoolers (ages 3 and 4) Kindergarteners (ages 5 and 6). Each Zooba email will feature a link to EarlyLearner.net as a way to direct those who seek more in-depth information to the source. The category will be launched in February 2001.

“SchoolSuccess.net shares our mission to provide accessible, high quality knowledge for those seeking information on child care. Use of their content enables Zooba to expand our topical offering and continue to provide our subscribers with highly credible information,” said Jeffrey Glass, president of Zooba.

“From the moment of birth parents worry about how best to prepare their child for success in life. They want to know that they are providing their child with the right start. Our service helps parents match information about their child’s development with concrete, hands-on strategies to be used in day-to-day life,” said David Feinberg, president of SchoolSuccess.net.

Zooba is a free, opt-in service that creates and delivers weekly knowledge-based emails on subjects a person wants to learn more about. Subscribers can choose from more than 40 topic channels including Great Minds; Food & Cuisine; Destinations; Thinkers & Thought; Fitness, Nutrition & Diet; and Jazz, and receive informative emails that contain relevant product recommendations. For example, an email about Vincent van Gogh might recommend a book about the artist, a video on his life and a reproduction of one of his works.

About SchoolSuccess.net:

SchoolSuccess.net, based in Boston, provides on-line educational resources to the parents and teachers of children from birth through age 8. The company’s first product, EarlyLearner.net, is available though SchoolSuccess.net’s network of partners, including on-line parent and teacher Web services, for profit early childhood education learning centers and educational publishers.

About Zooba.com:

Zooba.com is a direct marketing platform that generates highly targeted SKU-specific sales opportunities for Zooba’s partners and retailers. It leverages its proprietary microcast transactive content technology to create a permission-based, contextually- guided merchandising experience. Its subscription base is growing at a rate of 500,000 per month. Zooba has developed partnerships with some of the country’s most prestigious publishing companies and university presses including Simon & Schuster; AMACOM Books; Cambridge University Press; Columbia University Press; Dorling Kindersley; Farrar, Straus & Giroux; Grove/Atlantic Inc.; Harvard Business School Publishing; Henry Holt & Co.; Northeastern University Press; Perseus Books Group; Prestel Publishing; St. Martin’s Press; Stanford University Press; and Taschen.

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