XanEdu Introduces the Education ReSearch Engine

August 21, 2001

XanEdu’s Latest ReSearch Engine Geared for Education Students and Educators

ANN ARBOR, Michigan, August 20, 2001 — XanEdu, a division of ProQuest Information and Learning (NYSE: PQE), announces the launch of the XanEdu™ Education Research Engine, the newest in an innovative lineup of premium content research engines for higher education.

Created especially for pre-service teachers pursuing academic courses of study and in-service teachers working in the classroom, the XanEdu Education Research Engine (XRE EDU) is the most versatile and easy to use online knowledge base for educators today. XanEdu developed the XRE EDU to correspond with leading education textbooks and the latest standards in teacher education. The friendly user-interface, with point and click navigation, delivers premium education content-updated daily-from more than 2,000 specialized leading journals, magazines and newspapers, and is available anytime and anywhere once you become a subscriber.

“It’s a perfect tool offering both theoretical and practical resources for any teacher,” says Tyler Steben, XanEdu Vice President and Publisher. “Whether you’re preparing for your education courses or your lesson plans for tomorrow’s class, the Education ReSearch Engine offers a wealth of research and reference data.”

Content is organized by major topics critical to today’s educator, including Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Psychology, Foundations of Education, Special Education, Educational Administration, Instructional Technology, Early Childhood Education, and Counseling and School Psychology.

Users can perform traditional searches to locate articles, or they can navigate through the more than 20,000 hierarchically-arranged “Topic Trees” to find articles relevant to their course and research. Developed by expert editors and faculty members, these topic trees map searches to the most current and relevant articles on a given topic, delivering rapid, topic-specific search results.

The XRE EDU boasts a generous curriculum planning area with the addition of the popular full undergraduate XanEdu™ ReSearch Engine, featuring more than 18,000 topic trees within nine disciplines ranging from Arts & Humanities to Business, Nursing and Psychology. Content also includes the world’s most respected news sources and scholarly journals, providing breaking news on critical education hot topics and issues.

Included with each subscription of the XRE EDU is the “Teaching as a Profession” section, which gives students and teachers the ability to stay current with the latest news and issues driving professional development. Powered by the same academic journals and premium education news sources as the academic disciplines, this special learning section includes information on school reform, labor issues, certification standards, and related topics.

“XanEdu is tremendously excited to offer future and current teachers a personal online library providing unparalleled convenience and depth of specialized content that can grow with them as they advance from students learning about education to leading their own class,” says Tyler Steben.

About XanEdu

XanEdu is a division of ProQuest Information & Learning. It publishes online and offline course materials for the higher education market, helping faculty teach smarter and students learn smarter. XanEdu also has amassed one of the largest commercial and scholarly archives of journals, periodicals, newspapers, books, dissertations, primary literature works and academic collections, through its parent, ProQuest Information & Learning. www.xanedu.com

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