XanEdu Announces Breakthrough Course Supplement

September 28, 2001

XanEdu, a division of ProQuest Information and Learning (ProQuest Company, NYSE: PQE) recently unveiled a new concept in digital course material that revolutionizes the coursepack model. Geared for the undergrad and graduate-level instructor, XanEduTM TopicPacks are specialized collections of in-depth, copyright-cleared articles that provide up-to-the-minute examinations of today’s important issues.

Drawn from authoritative scholarly and respected news publication sources, TopicPacks’ timely content is helping faculty across the U.S., engage their students in discussions and debates on current issues. This valuable teaching tool is not only a logical supplement to the course textbook and coursepacks, it is an affordable and easy way to bring up-to-the-minute, clearly-defined information directly to students.

“While a textbook does a great job to address and teach an academic subject, it is only as current as its published date, says XanEdu Vice President and Publisher, Tyler Steben. “XanEdu TopicPacks fills the gap between when your textbook was published and this very minute by providing access to focused, contemporary readings on today’s critical subjects.”

Based on instructor feedback, TopicPacks target current issues in education, composition, developmental reading, marketing and management. In addition to online access to thorough articles on each subject, every TopicPack includes a module of the XanEduTM Research Engine, the MBA Research Engine, or the Education Research Engine, adding literally thousands of new articles-organized by course topic-every day to the students desktop.

“Students respond positively to the currency of educational material,” says Steben. “The more they can relate a subject to today’s issues, the easier the learning process. With that in mind, we created XanEduTM TopicPacks to offer more current material than is available anywhere.”

TopicPack subjects-many of which are not available in textbooks-are perfect for instructors who want to present a complete approach to their curriculum. To further engage students, TopicPacks include exercises, links to web sites, and other resources and article annotations to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use package.

TopicPacks are available for a limited time, and special pricing makes them affordable to students, with Packs costing less than $10. To view a sample Education TopicPack, go to www.xanedu.com/topic/education.

About XanEdu

XanEdu is a division of ProQuest Information & Learning. It publishes online and offline course materials for the higher education market, helping faculty teach smarter and students learn smarter. XanEdu also has amassed one of the largest commercial and scholarly archives of journals, periodicals, newspapers, books, dissertations, primary literature works and academic collections, through its parent, ProQuest Information & Learning. www.xanedu.com www.xanedu.com

About ProQuest

ProQuest Company (NYSE: PQE) was born of Bell & Howell Company’s two highly respected information access businesses – Information & Learning and Publishing Services. Based in Ann Arbor, Mich., ProQuest Company is a leader in e-learning and e-publishing. For its customers in the education and transportation vertical markets, the company provides access to a body of content and suite of products and services that is unmatched in breadth and depth. Additional information on ProQuest Company can be found at www.proquestcompany.com.

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ProQuest Information and Learning is a world leader in collecting, organizing, and distributing information worldwide to researchers, faculty, and students in libraries and schools. Known widely for its strength in business and economics, general-reference, humanities, social sciences, and STM content, the company develops premium databases comprising periodicals, newspapers, dissertations, out-of-print books, and other scholarly information from more than 8,500 publishers worldwide. Users access the information through the ProQuest® Web-based online information system, Chadwyck-Healey™ electronic and microform resources, UMI® microform and print reference products, and XanEdu™ online faculty and student resources. For more information about ProQuest Information and Learning, visit www.il.proquest.com.