World Education Network offers international distance learning gateway

December 12, 2001

Washington, DC — World Education Network, Inc. ( has one-way and two-way digital satellite services with conventional Internet delivery to ensure global access of e-content. WEDN’s Acting President and Sr. VP of Business Development, Dr. Michael C. Hrinko, Ph.D. stated, “We evaluate international e-learning opportunities based upon their potential convergence with our corporate goals and potential for profitability. Two years ago we determined that the domestic DL market had more than enough new players, and that our unique technologies, access to high level decision makers abroad, and the subsequent pent-up demand for distance learning in the international segment better suited our business case.”

Having turned away from domestic distance learning, World Education Network has established international e-learning business relationships on nearly every continent. Hrinko went on to say, “WEDN collaborates with international universities, foreign governments, multinational corporations and medical facilities, thereby, opening the international doors to US content providers. Unlike the conventional ISP, WEDN does not provide DL services directly to the individual user.”

Aside from the international delivery of e-content to clients residing in better served urban areas, WEDN also serves clients in regions where lack of bandwidth, limited cable infrastructure or poorly maintained ISPs have sharply curtailed or prohibited the inclusion of distance learning as a value-added educational service. Stated Dr. Hrinko, “In fact, one particular facet of our satellite technology allows us to offer reliable and cost effective distance learning services to areas where the Internet does not yet exist.”

Through its robust global network, WEDN delivers asynchronous, synchronous, and streaming video formats to almost anywhere. This melding of international multi-mediums with online technologies offers US sources of e-content a dynamic means of reaching the clearly underserved international DL markets. In turn, the international e-student is provided with a reliable and cost effective vehicle for anytime-anywhere access to western content.

WEDN’s bundled service offering includes; international multi-media access, technical assistance and related hardware, e-content, and certain aspects of business consulting to ensure that the international client is successful in its new DL service or business venture. In the US, WEDN introduces sources of e-content to its international clients. Multinational corporations are offered a private means of international online corporate training. For internal international business purposes, these corporations are offered a secure means of global transmission. Encryption is standard, with the option of overlaying a corporation’s own encryption scheme, creating an outstanding level of privacy and security.

Miniaturization and cost of satellite hardware makes the WEDN asynchronous (one-way) satellite approach extremely attractive to the international client. Unlike conventional VSAT satellite hardware, the WEDN satellite antenna is approximately the size of the palm of a man’s hand, the receiver is similar in size to that of a paperback book, the system is installed indoors, and for use by an individual user is plugged directly into their PC. A second similar application allows for the satellite unit to be installed as a means of receiving e-content for an entire facility, creating an international gateway/Hub for e-content — serving the DL needs of an entire university, hospital, business office, etc. This latter approach enables the client to receive and archive e-content, while creating an internal LAN that serve the users in the selected facility. The asynchronous service is the preferred means of e-learning in the international marketplace. This is due primarily to language issues, poor ISP reliability, and multiple time zones encountered when considering synchronous participation. The price per asynchronous satellite unit is less than US $100.00 (one hundred dollars) and requires no outside installation assistance.