Work-Learning Research offers its E-Learning Quick-Audit for free!

April 15, 2002

Work-Learning Research today released a condensed version of its E-Learning

Audit and made it available for free on its website (

The E-Learning Quick-Audit ensures that e-learning courses follow the principles

of learning articulated in Dr. Will Thalheimer’s research white paper,

e-LEARNING: Utilizing research-based considerations to improve learning and


The audit is designed (1) to help instructional designers develop e-learning

that actually works to improve on-the-job performance and (2) to help people

who evaluate e-learning—for example those who make purchasing decisions—base

their evaluations on proven research-based learning principles.

The download is available for free at the following webpage:

Led by Will Thalheimer, PhD, Work-Learning Research of Somerville, Massachusetts,

USA helps instructional designers, e-learning developers, trainers, and performance

consultants develop a practical understanding of the human learning system and

utilize research-based knowledge to build effective learning-and-performance


Will Thalheimer