Witness Systems Helps Companies Consolidate Business Intelligence, Creating Accurate Performance Picture to Maximize Contact Center ROI

March 7, 2002

Witness Systems (NASDAQ: WITS), a global provider of customer interaction recording, performance analysis and e-learning software that enables companies to optimize their customer relationships, will demonstrate their latest browser-based version of its eQuality™ Analysis contact center performance solution.

The software’s numerous pre-defined integrations and drill-down analysis of performance metrics through robust on-line analytical processing (OLAP) capabilities is designed to help contact centers gain efficiencies while maintaining quality and generating a rapid return on investment (ROI).

eQuality Analysis makes analyzing contact center and agent data a straight-forward process. Organizations can use the results from the software to improve the performance of individual customer sales/service representatives (CSRs) and the contact center as a whole, which in turn enhances customer experiences. In addition, the browser-based solution delivers powerful insight to executives and management teams, enabling them to easily access reports and more effectively track performance on an enterprise level. To help optimize their people, processes and technologies, successful operations for most contact centers include capturing samples of actual customer contacts using the eQuality customer interaction recording software, evaluating these CSR-customer contacts, and then taking specific action based on the data collected to fine-tune operations and improve processes, staffing and training. Many leading companies are looking to leverage these sample customer contacts by combining this customer intelligence with other performance metrics for further analysis.

“Multi-dimensional analysis software from companies like Witness Systems can help organizations analyze the quality of service delivery, as well as the contact center’s overall performance to provide a comprehensive view of the agents and the center as a whole,” said Blair Pleasant, managing director and principal analyst of COMMfusion. “Quality monitoring enjoys rapid market acceptance, due in large part to it being a relatively low-cost solution that offers tangible and rapid benefits. Many enterprises are looking to extend quality monitoring software’s value by taking evaluations from monitoring sessions and feeding them into an analytical tool, combined with other data, such as ACD statistics, workforce management and CRM software.”

The eQuality Analysis solution can help companies combine, assess and explore key performance indicators throughout the enterprise. eQuality also assists in solving the problem of accessing disparate information in the enterprise by serving as a central repository for performance metrics from many sources, including pre-mapped CSR performance evaluation scores from eQuality and other strategic data sources, such as information from CRM, workforce management, human resource and ACD software. eQuality Analysis shows agents how they score in each category. The system automatically imports this data enabling managers to access individual or team reports easily and quickly for comparison. For example, group leaders can compare how their respective trainees perform following classroom instruction. eQuality Analysis simplifies the reporting process, making managers much more efficient in assessing their teams’ performance. The software benchmarks current performance and productivity, which can help shape a larger quality management initiative.

“Combining and analyzing data from multiple sources is critical to a company’s ability to manage the business, because no one source has sufficient information to provide a complete performance picture,” said Nancy Treaster, senior vice president of global marketing for Witness Systems. “When organizations combine information from their customer information, order entry, quality and other custom applications, executives and management have a focal point for improved performance enterprise-wide. Many forward-thinking companies are coming to us for their contact center analytical needs because our eQuality suite offers an integrated solution for quality monitoring, reporting and performance analysis, all from a single solution provider.”

The multi-dimensional analysis capabilities and browser-based nature of the eQuality architecture allow managers to discover productivity issues, process improvement, training opportunities and other key performance areas, which create a distinct competitive advantage. Through multi-dimensional analysis, contact center managers can create custom views of specific statistics, such as average sales compared to average talk time. Users can explore trends through drill-down analysis of performance metrics by first analyzing enterprise-wide data, and then drilling down into specific contact centers or even groups of CSRs within a center. The system simplifies access to the most important information quickly with management dashboards, which provide at-a-glance views of service levels and specific performance metrics daily or on a more real-time basis.

The browser-based eQuality Analysis contact center performance solution is now available with pricing starting at $35,500 for 100 CSR seats.

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