“Wide Angle” Video Cassettes And Discussion Guides

October 31, 2003

Now Thirteen/WNET New York is offering a free Educational Package that includes five WIDE ANGLE video cassettes and a 24-page discussion guide.

This package will be useful in international relations, economics and journalism courses, as we as in other subject areas. The discussion guide offers insightful essays, discussion topics and suggested resources. Each video includes specially selected segments, introduced by Stephen Segaller, which provide starting points for in-class discussion, followed by a 45-minute film and a 10-minute discussion with a policy expert. The programs in the package are Greetings from Grozny (Chechnya), Soul of India, Cause for Murder (Mexico), The Empty ATM (Argentina), and To Have and Have Not (China).

Only a limited number of complementary WIDE ANGLE Educational Packages are available. Educators can e-mail their requests to guiderequest@thirteen.org, or write to WIDE ANGLE, P.O. Box 245, Little Falls, NJ 07424-0245. Request should include the name of the institution, course name, and recipient’s e-mail address. For more information on WIDE ANGLE, visit http://www.pbs.org/wideangle

This Educational Package is funded by Ford Foundation.

Edward Gregory, Sr.

Thirteen/WNET New York

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