WGU [Western Governors University] introduces nation’s first competency-based MBA degrees

December 1, 2004

WGU offers a traditional Master of Business Administration and an MBA with an emphasis in Information Technology Management designed for the experienced IT professional. The MBA-IT Management degree develops students’ core business skills while advancing their IT managerial expertise. Both programs prepare students for mid-level to upper-level management positions in business, industry, and nonprofit organizations. Graduates are eligible for CMBA™ designation—a national recognition of business knowledge competence.

“We use a flexible approach targeted to students who can work independently—with mentor guidance—and who are prepared to do what it takes to demonstrate competency,” said Dr. Dennis Bromley, MBA program coordinator for WGU. “Because the programs are competency-based, students move through the curriculum with challenging assessments and projects incorporating real-world situations.”

Debbie Austin, a senior IT project manager and recent WGU graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Business-IT Management, will begin the university’s MBA in Information Technology program next January. “I know WGU’s flexible, competency-based approach works,” said Ms. Austin. “I’m continuing with the university’s new masters program because it offers the depth and intensity I am seeking to advance my career.”

The competency-based university is attractive to students with extensive business backgrounds. Larry Braby, a former executive with the JC Penney Corporation, comes to WGU’s MBA program with more than 40 years of experience. “I’ve always wanted an MBA degree” shares Mr. Braby. “And WGU’s program is an excellent way for me to achieve this goal.”

All WGU degrees benefit from the advice of its National Advisory Board including business leaders from over 20 companies, which include BearingPoint, Dell, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Thomson and TimeWarner among others. The school’s emphasis on producing highly competent graduates is one of the key reasons for this valuable business support. WGU uses competency assessments similar to how businesses recognize competence through such measures as IT or other professional certifications.

About Western Governors University
WGU is the only accredited university in the U.S. offering online competency-based degree programs. The university was founded and is supported by 19 governors, as well as over 20 leading corporations and foundations. WGU offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Information Technology, Business and Education. More information is available at www.wgu.edu

Debbie Lewis
Western Governors University