Western Governors University and The Chauncey Group Form Partnership

November 30, 2000

PRINCETON, NJ — November 28, 2000 – Western Governors University (WGU), an online distance education institution that offers competency-based degree programs, has contracted with The Chauncey Group International to develop high-quality assessments for students seeking degrees in WGU’s Business curriculum.

WGU extends the opportunity for a college degree to the non-traditional student. In developing a competency-based degree, WGU forms a “Program Council”-a group of education and industry experts from around the country in a specific degree area-to identify and compile the competencies that a student needs to master to graduate.

WGU’s examinations, developed to effectively measure the competencies, cover the entire spectrum of knowledge found in a typical degree program. Students take assessments covering their degree discipline, and they are also required to take assessments in such topics as English, math, and reasoning.

Students who do not currently have the knowledge to pass all of the required assessments may gain that knowledge through distance learning opportunities located in the WGU online catalog, which contains courses and independent learning resources offered by dozens of colleges, universities and corporations across the United States.

Under the contract, The Chauncey Group will manage the development of focused assessments for WGU’s business degrees both at the bachelor’s and associate’s degree levels.

The Chauncey Group, a subsidiary of Educational Testing Service (ETS), is well known for innovation in psychometric research and excellence in test development and assessment technology.

“Working with The Chauncey Group is a tremendous opportunity for WGU,” said Alec Testa, Director of Assessment for WGU. “As a competency-based institution, the quality of our assessments is a critical component for the University. The Chauncey Group will enable WGU to meet that level of quality and provide students in our business programs the best opportunity to advance their education and careers.”

Judith Moore, president and CEO of The Chauncey Group, said she was pleased to have The Chauncey Group working with such a forward-thinking organization as Western Governors University. “WGU understands that people can gain knowledge in many ways,” Moore said. “It formally recognizes the achievements of non-traditional learners. The Chauncey Group will help them do so by developing examinations that are rigorous, yet fair, and that are true measures of knowledge in specific business areas.”

About Western Governors University

WGU is an online, competency-based university. With just a few clicks at www.wgu.edu, a student can find competency-based degree programs, an online catalog of quality distance-learning courses, an online library, bookstore, and one-on-one access to a personal WGU mentor who will guide the student through his or her customized degree program. WGU was founded and is supported by 19 states and governors as well as 22 leading corporations and foundations. Current WGU competency-based degree programs are focused in three areas: IT, Business, and Education. Current offerings include Associate of Applied Science degrees in IT/Network Administration, IT/CNE, and IT/Software Applications, as well as an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science in Business, Bachelor of Science in Business, and a Master of Arts degree in Learning & Technology. More information about WGU can be obtained at www.wgu.edu.

About The Chauncey Group International

The Chauncey Group International, a subsidiary of Educational Testing Service (ETS), is the leading provider of certification and licensing examinations for professionals, business, and government. With more than 25 years experience in designing, developing, and administering occupational, licensure, certification and professional assessment, The Chauncey Group has helped customers define competencies and measure those competencies effectively and fairly. The Chauncey Group administered certification and licensure programs to almost two million candidates via paper-and-pencil, computer-based, and Internet-based testing programs in 30 countries over the past year. The Chauncey Group is headquartered in Princeton, NJ, with offices in Washington, DC, and Paris, France. More information about The Chauncey Group can be obtained at www.chauncey.com.

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