WebCT Vista 3.0 brings unprecedented efficiency

April 21, 2004

LYNNFIELD, Mass., April 20, 2004 – WebCT, maker of higher education’s most flexible and widely used e-learning solution, today introduced the third generation of WebCT Vista(tm), the premier academic enterprise system. WebCT Vista 3.0 makes it easier than ever for faculty to deliver high-quality, intuitive educational experiences to their students. A broad range of new features make grading, student group management, and analysis of the impact of e-learning at the institution more efficient than ever.

“Our faculty has a lot of responsibility and a finite amount of time, so they are eager for new features like gradable discussions, easier to manage grade books, and streamlined group management – anything that offers additional efficiencies,” said Dr. Jim Snell, director of Texas A&M University’s Instructional Technology Services. “I’m looking forward to WebCT Vista 3.0 giving our faculty the opportunity to accomplish more in less time. Our faculty has been aggressive in the use of e-learning, and WebCT has listened to our input, because they understand the way faculty members work. Our ultimate goal is an enhanced e-learning environment for our over 46,000 student users.”

WebCT Vista’s new grading features make it more efficient for instructors to evaluate student work. For example, the new “Gradable Discussions” feature lets faculty members evaluate and grade discussions for student participation. Instructors can easily survey all posted messages from any student, review his or her participation compared with the class average, and automatically record a grade in the WebCT Vista grade book. These capabilities save instructors time and let them focus on the quality of student contributions rather than the mechanics of grading.

WebCT Vista 3.0 also streamlines the online formation of student learning groups, letting instructors easily create groups within their classes with associated activities. Instructors can easily set up private group discussion boards and chat rooms when they set up a group, just by pointing and clicking. Instructors can also allow students to self-select their learning groups by using group sign-up sheets in WebCT Vista 3.0. Group sign-up sheets enhance WebCT Vista’s market-leading collaborative functionality, offering instructors another option for engaging their students in a dynamic, interactive learning process.

Additionally, new reporting capabilities aggregate student performance data across sections, courses, departments, campuses and even institutions within a university system. Faculty and researchers can analyze this information to better evaluate their academic environment and improve their programs. These features expand WebCT Vista’s role as the industry’s premier academic enterprise system, specifically built to address the mission-critical challenges of enterprise-scale deployment even for the largest institutions, educational systems and consortia.

The new features promise to attract new customers to the rapidly expanding WebCT Vista community. More than 165 institutions in 10 countries have adopted the system in its two years of availability. “WebCT Vista 3.0 has significantly expanded an already unrivaled collection of teaching, learning and administrative capabilities for the academic enterprise,” said Carol Vallone, WebCT president and CEO. “We appreciate the many challenges faculty members face and have delivered a system that makes it easy for instructors to efficiently manage ongoing interactions with students, and ultimately improve learning outcomes.”

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