Webcast Interview with Dr. Fred Saba CEO of Distance-educator.com

April 5, 2001

Dr. Fred Saba CEO of Distance-educator.com discusses distance learning Dr. Saba is a professor at the San Diego State University where he has been a leader in distance learning technologies for many years. Several years ago, he founded Distance-educator.com with a web site, www.distance-educator.com, which is one of the most thorough and most reliable resources for information on distance learning. His company also produces a daily newsletter with current highlights in this field. In the interview, Fred notes that we are barely beginning to understand what distance learning and how best to use it:

We have the rhetoric of personalizing instruction on the web, but I do not think that we have even scratched the surface of that. And personalization of learning is for everybody.

People have different skills in different areas. Not everybody has all the skills and not everybody is talented in certain areas. And so therefore one of the challenges in the future would be to make learning as personalized as possible. And we have not even scratched the surface of that.