Web Lockrz student sharing and collaboration

December 11, 2003

Web Lockrz is a web-based, platform independent, file and directory management software suite. Web Lockrz provides secure access to electronic data from anywhere there is a computer with an Internet connection. Web Lockrz provides the platform for electronic portfolio and data archival for an entire school, cluster or even district.

Web Lockrz offers:

  • – personal directories for each student, teacher and staff
  • – homework directories
  • – shared directories for clubs and school organizations
  • – message forum
  • – calendar/scheduling.

Ultimately the most difficult aspect of software of this type becomes user administration. Managing thousands of users can easily become a full-time job, but for whom?

Web Lockrz offers direct user import functions from your school or district’s student information system of non-confidential user-name information. No secure data is accessed or uploaded by Web Lockrz. And Web Lockrz is fully-auditable. Using our ASP option, everything can be done off-site.

Please contact Darryl Vidal directly to discuss the Web Lockrz Evaluation Program or your particular Ed Tech requirements at 858-874-5210, at dvidal@weblockrz.com or see us on the internet at www.weblockrz.com.

Darryl Vidal
Vice President
Networld Solutions, Inc.