Web-Based Training, edited by Badrul H. Khan

August 7, 2001

Web-Based Training, edited by Badrul H. Khan, Associate Professor, The George Washington University offers a complete and comprehensive examination of all major aspects of utilizing the Internet’s World Wide Web for instruction and training at all levels education and training settings. In 63 authoritative chapters, written by leading expert from all over the world, this encyclopedic work (the scope is indicated by citations for more than 800 authors and a 40-page index) discusses how advances in information technology, coupled with massive changes in society, are creating entirely new paradigms for the worlds of both education in general and the training community. Rich, distributed learning environments are bringing about anywhere/anytime/anyplace learning opportunities.

This encyclopedic volume, in a very readable manner, with clearly designed pages, figures, and tables, shows both practitioners and scholars how to deal with this newly emerging world. The book contains more than 600 pages each packed with always helpful information, hundreds and hundreds of available URLs, sources of all kinds and varieties throughout the world. Included is Khan’s Web-Based Learning Framework http://BooksToRead.com/framework/, a comprehensive examination of all of the factors that one needs to consider in designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating the usage of the Web for learning and instruction.

Web-Based Training is a follow-on volume to the original book edited by Badrul H. Khan in 1997, Web-Based Instruction. The original book is widely acknowledged to be the landmark work in the field of applying the World Wide Web as an important resource for learning at all levels.

This new book, Web-Based Training, goes beyond the original in providing enormous detail and exciting new perspectives on how the Web is now evolving as a key factors in all areas of both education and training. This is a book to be read and then retained as a permanent resource in the professional library of technologically savvy faculty members, trainers, software developers, leaders of education and training institutions, and numerous others interested in the new vistas of open, flexible, distributed learning. The original book has been used in more than a hundred major universities throughout the world as a key text, and it is anticipated that this new book, Web-Based Training, will garner a similarly high reputation for quality.

The book will be of use as well for graduate courses in distance education, instructional design, multimedia design and development, and the learning sciences. Web-based training, then, deals with open, flexible, and distributed learning environments, utilizing institutions often that are virtual in scope, that is, there is not necessarily any centralized campus. This book goes well beyond being a cookbook of designs but enables each readers to take advantage of the immense resources described here to develop his or her own point of view about the future of the Web as a learning medium. Table of Contents is available at:http://BooksToRead.com/bestseller/khan/tocwbt.htm