VTELs SmartVideoNet Manager Gets Web-Enabled with Version 3.0

March 9, 2001

AUSTIN, Texas – Building upon the software it pioneered to remotely manage videoconferencing networks, VTEL Corporation (Nasdaq: VTEL) today announced the newly released 3.0 version of SmartVideoNet Manager™, which provides administrators the ability to remotely manage and access real-time information on their VTEL videoconferencing networks from any device connected to a Web browser.

With this new enhancement, a videoconferencing network manager, working from her New York apartment, now can easily connect a video call among her companys offices in Dallas, San Francisco and Singapore. Or, while attending his sons basketball game on a Sunday afternoon, a university network administrator can remotely monitor the integrity of several simultaneous calls taking place on the universitys videoconferencing network.

In 1996, VTEL engineers applied the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) standard to create the industrys first administration tool for providing remote access, management and diagnostics of videoconferencing networks. VTEL is in the early stages of developing a next generation network management platform that will manage multi-vendor videoconferencing applications across hybrid networks.

“Five years ago, when VTEL responded to its customers need for a network management tool with the first version of the SNMP-based SmartVideoNet Manager, the response from network managers was overwhelmingly positive,” said Stephen Von Rump, chief executive officer and president of VTEL. “Version 3.0 combines Web capability with the widely accepted SNMP standard and is evidence of VTEL Products commitment to improving the quality of our products. And that relentless pursuit of improvement is one way weve earned the reputation for providing the best customer service in the industry.”

SmartVideoNet Manager, an exclusive VTEL product, gives administrators of videoconferencing systems composed of VTEL equipment unprecedented control in managing their video networks from a remote location, including:

    Monitoring systems worldwide;

  • Placing video calls between or among locations; and

  • Running tests and diagnostics.

This control is made even easier with a feature unique among all brands of videoconferencing network management equipment: SmartVideoNet Managers “Map View” provides a world map showing the real-time status of every videoconference endpoint in the network. At a glance, the manager can see which endpoints are in conference.

Version 3.0 Offers Internet Convenience

Version 3.0 adds to that ease of use by providing access to the software through Internet Explorer™ so that these management tools are easily available from virtually anywhere on the planet.

“By making SmartVideoNet Manager a Web server-based application, weve cut the chain that kept video network administrators tied to a particular workstation,” explained Bob Swem, General Manager for VTELs Products Business Group. “This is what our customers want: more applications of Internet protocol and a richer set of SNMP-based video network management functions, moved onto the clients Web server so that any of their PCs can get to them,” Swem concluded.

SmartVideoNet Manager supports the entire VTEL product line, including Galaxy™, Enterprise Series Architecture™ (ESA), SmartStation™ and SmartLink™ Multipoint Conference Server. VTEL is providing the SmartVideoNet Manager version 3.0 at no cost to VTEL customers with software maintenance contracts. All others can obtain the upgrade for $1,995 by contacting their VTEL reseller or by calling VTEL directly at 877-FOR-VTEL (toll-free) from the USA or Canada, or by calling 512-437-3328 from all other countries.

About VTEL

Based in Austin, Texas, VTEL Corporation is a global leader in designing, deploying and servicing visual communications solutions for enterprise networks. As a pioneer of multimedia-rich PC-based videoconferencing systems, VTEL is applying its quarter-century-long heritage of expertise to develop a common network management platform to drive visual communications compatibility standards for industry-wide interoperability over IP networks. VTEL also offers e-Learning solutions through its wholly owned subsidiary ArticuLearn™.

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