VTEL Videoconferencing Technology Connects Students with Laureate Role-models in Unique Distance Learning Exchange

July 24, 2001

AUSTIN, Texas (June 19, 2001) On July 19, 2001 VTEL videoconferencing technology was used when Walt Disney Imagineering R&D and the Kilby International Awards joined to produce an interactive distance learning videoconference. The conference program featured Kilby Laureates as role models for participating students from Los Angeles inner city schools and for students in three remote locations, including the Dallas Independent School Districts Nolan Estes Plaza and Grand Prairie Learning in Texas and the Rogers Scholars in Somerset, Kentucky. Students and teachers at these locations used VTEL Videoconferencing technology to see, hear and interact with the Kilby Laureates in this unique distance learning exchange.

VTEL is proud to participate in this dynamic distance learning event, said Bob Swem, General Manager of the VTEL Products Division. VTELs PC-based systems are ideal for education environments. The Kilby Awards engages a powerful application of the technology in bringing the Kilby Laureates and high school students together promoting distance learning and effective role-models for todays world.

Participating Laureates in the July 19th broadcast include:

  • Dr. Susan Athey, Economics Professor at Stanford University, considered a visionary in her field;

  • Dr. France Cordova, Physicist, currently Vice Chancellor of Research at University of California at Santa Barbara, former Chief Scientist, NASA;

  • Dr. Marc Hannah, Co-founder, Silicon Graphics;

  • Dr. Daniel Kaufman, Professor, UCLA Medical School, developer of important breakthroughs in pre-diagnostic testing for juvenile diabetes;

  • Jennifer Trosper, Lead Systems Engineer at NASAs Jet Propulsion Lab, at 29 years of age served as flight director for NASAs Pathfinder Mission, landing the Sojourner Robot on Mars.

Victoria Smith Downing, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Kilby Awards Foundation said, [This event is] creating a unique opportunity for students to interact with Kilby Laureates. This program is a model for crossing both digital and geographic divides using state of the art video-broadcast technologies. It represents a breakthrough in linking students from different cities, and indeed ultimately from different countries and cultures.

Walt Disney Imagineering R&D provided the spectacular El Capitan Theater in Hollywood for the video broadcast. Other supporters include Connexus, Zada, Reed Conner & Birdwell, Tricon Global, and University of Southern California.

About the Kilby International Awards

The Awards were named by an independent founding committee to honor Jack St. Clair Kilby, Nobel Laureate 2000, who invented the monolithic integrated circuit, the chip that changed the world. The Awards recognize individuals who make extraordinary contributions to society through science, technology, innovation, invention and education. The Kilby International Awards were named one of the top 116 awards in the world in 1999, following a five year study of over 26,400 awards worldwide by the International congress of Distinguished Awards.

The Kilby Laureates, now numbering fifty diverse, international heroes of many cultures, represent a new class of role models for deserving students in the 21st Century.

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