VTEL Solutions Appoints Kalinoski Vice President and Chief Technical Officer; Ellisor Senior Director, Networking

March 15, 2001

AUSTIN, Texas — VTEL(R) Corporation (Nasdaq:VTEL), a worldwide leader in visual communications solutions, products and services for enterprise networks, announced that Ken Kalinoski, 39, has been appointed vice president of development, chief technology officer and an officer of the Company, and Vic Ellisor, 54, has been named senior director, networking.

Kalinoski leads the development work of the VTEL Solutions group to integrate visual communications into the broadband infrastructure and provide management tools that make videoconferencing “network friendly.”

Ken Kalinoski Appointed Vice President of Development and Chief Technology Officer

Kalinoski assumes immediate responsibility for all aspects of VTEL’s Solutions technology, including the development of new management tools required for the effective delivery of visual communications and applications. This new tool suite will enhance the ability of users and network administrators alike to deliver the power of vision on a reliable basis. He reports to VTEL Chief Executive Officer and President Stephen Von Rump.

Kalinoski has dedicated his 18-year career to client/server and communications technology, spending most of his professional life at IBM, where he was responsible for several multimedia and network management programs, including director of AIX Development.

Most recently, he was the founder and vice president of development at Netpliance, responsible for delivering the first information appliance to the consumer marketplace. Kalinoski holds four patents and has 25 patent applications pending. He holds a master’s degree in computer engineering from State University of New York and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with honors from Wilkes University.

Vic Ellisor Named Senior Director, Networking

Vic Ellisor joined VTEL as senior director, networking. In this newly created position, Ellisor coordinates software product development with major telecommunications carriers, communications hardware vendors and VTEL’s Fortune 1000 customers.

Ellisor comes to VTEL with a 28-year background in multimedia production, computer system design and integration, digital audio and video hardware development, and product marketing with Pervasive Software and the broadband MPEG video communications pioneers at FutureTel. Prior to joining VTEL, he served as director of alliances and video for Broadwing Communications.

“Ken and Vic bring a wealth of knowledge to VTEL Solutions and are playing key roles in its future,” stated Stephen Von Rump, chief executive officer and president of VTEL.

“Through Ken’s leadership, VTEL Solutions is developing the next-generation network management platform that will ultimately become its technology cornerstone. This will serve as the perfect compliment to VTEL Products, which continues with a separate development team, to create the best collaborative videoconferencing systems for the distance learning marketplace.”

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