Virtual Universe Completes Next Generation Virtual Talker(TM)

May 18, 2001

Virtual Universe Corporation (VRX: CDNX) has

announced a new package of technical enhancements to their flagship product

Virtual Talker(TM). The new enhancements, according to Sam Goldberg, VP of

Marketing for Virtual Universe, represent a significant step in Internet audio


“The technical development team has done a great job of improving quality

and adding new features, to make Virtual Talker one of the best off-the-shelf

Internet audio conferencing products on the market today,” he stated.

Users of Virtual Talker(TM) speak with each other, via their computers,

using headsets and microphones that operate in full duplex mode. “Full duplex

means you can have a natural conversation, similar to a telephone call. Many

of our competitors operate in half-duplex mode, also known as push-to-talk,

like a walkie-talkie,” Goldberg said. “It’s very difficult to have a

conversation, never mind a conference call, using push-to-talk technology.”

Sound quality has long been an issue for Voice over Internet (VoIP)

products but the improved Virtual Talker(TM) may change all that. “With the

latest enhancements to our software, the sound quality is very close to

telephone quality. That’s the gold standard, but it’s interesting, people who

have tried Virtual Talker(TM) say the experience is more satisfying than

talking on the phone,” Goldberg explained.

Internet audio conferencing is a hybrid technology, that is carving out a

niche between teleconferencing and videoconferencing yet is considerably more

affordable then either one. Internet audio conferencing products offer

different combinations of voice, visual display, and moderator control features.

“In the case of Virtual Talker, each caller can see the names of the

other callers on their computer screens,” said Goldberg. “When someone joins

the call, which is a password-protected room in cyberspace, their name appears

on each person’s screen, so everyone can see who is in attendance. When

someone speaks, that person’s name is highlighted, so everyone can see who’s

talking. If one caller has slides to show, or a Website to navigate, everyone

in the group can see the same visuals, in real time.”

The moderator control features that come with Virtual Talker(TM) allow a

designated call moderator, or instructor, to manage a lively group discussion.

Participants ‘raise their hand’ with the click of a mouse. A hand symbol

appears next to that person’s name on the screen and the moderator can then

give them the floor. “Virtual Talker also works with other Web communications

tools,” said Goldberg. “It significantly enhances the audio quality of

products such as CuSeeMe, NetMeeting and others.”

The price for all of this, according to Goldberg, is very reasonable.

“We’ve done the math and Virtual Talker is very cost-efficient for business

and education. One server can handle several hundred users and the servers can

be linked together providing real scalability.”

Virtual Universe Corporation is a Canadian technology company focused on

becoming a leader in Internet voice communications. It has developed unique,

proprietary technology called Virtual Talker(TM), which allows multiple

participants to simultaneously interact through real-time verbal conversations

on-line. Virtual Talker(TM) applications include Instant Meetings,

teleconferences, distance education, on-line gaming, customer relationship

management and more.

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