Virtual conference on COPYRIGHT AND THE WEB

February 5, 2003

Through this virtual conference, COL is opening consultations on educational use of the web and issues of copyright. The three-week, e-mail-based conference is open to all and there is no cost. To join the conference, send an e-mail message to and put the following in the body of the message:

subscribe copyright [your e-mail address]

(e.g., subscribe copyright xxxx@yyyy.zz)

You will receive a confirmation and further information by e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, please contact COL at

The conference will be moderated by Bob Schad, Senior Policy Strategist, University of Regina, and Wanda Noel, Barrister and Solicitor, Ottawa, Canada.

Many Commonwealth countries have similar copyright legislation and practices – and also have similar debates about what should and shouldn’t be in this often-confusing arena. The increasing use of the Internet and the World Wide Web has added a new and very large international dimension.

To provide some background and to spark virtual conference discussions, the moderators have prepared an article entitled, “Removing the Copyright Barrier: Educational use of the Internet (a Canadian perspective)” The article, describing a current lobby in Canada, was published in the most recent edition of COL’s newsletter, “Connections”, and is available on COL’s website at:

Discussions are expected to be lively, as 165 people that appear to represent a wide range of interests and nationalities have already signed up.

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