Viewpoint To Create 3D Worlds For EduLink

May 4, 2001

New York, New York — The days of class trips as the only way to experience the wonders of nature in its purest form are over as EduLink, Inc., a dynamic internet educational provider signed a deal with Viewpoint Corporation, a leader in digital marketing technologies and services for the Web, and to develop ongoing educational and distance learning programs using VET — Viewpoint Experience Technology.

The first project consists of a rich media presentation designed to bring science to life in the classroom with a new interactive 3D lab designed by Viewpoint which EduLink will incorporate into its Smart Schoolhouse System(TM). These advanced types of learning tools from Viewpoint will allow children to conduct virtual science experiments and activities that add dimension and a new kind of involvement in the learning experience.

Students will be able to familiarize themselves with different climate zones, see the effects that different environments have on the trees, as well as examine hydration and tree growth with a streaming AVI video that follows the process. With a 3D virtual microscope, students can examine a tree’s ring segments, magnify them and zoom in to the tree structure itself.

The Viewpoint technology allows a student to “virtually” stain a slide with Iodine and watch how it effects a sample of the tree segment. Viewpoint powered games in 3D are incorporated to teach students how to recognize the components of a tree ring segment by correctly assembling the ring from inside out while manipulating the tree ring throughout all phases of assembly.

“Science is best learned in a “hands on” environment and we see the Viewpoint Experience Technology as a key element in making that setting an engaging and inviting format for a wider range of students and education providers,” said Michael Rosenfeld, CEO of EduLink. “We are excited about Viewpoint’s involvement with creating and developing a series of virtual 3D Worlds,” Rosenfeld continued.

“EduLink’s commitment to provide every tool and advantage possible to students is realized through this partnership which leverages our integrated technologies to make learning more fun, interactive and exciting,” said Robert Rice, CEO of Viewpoint Corporation. “The science community continually strives for advancement in its field, and it makes sense that EduLink, a company committed to educational services in science, would select the advanced technology of Viewpoint to best communicate the exciting discoveries and theories of science,” Rice continued.

About EduLink

EduLink was founded to create a seamlessly integrated, dynamic Internet educational service. The Company combines quality content that has been written by world-recognized educators and scientists, which meets or exceeds national standards, with an affordable service that allows every family with a home computer to participate. Simply put, EduLink is about helping children learn and assisting them in reaching their educational potential.

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About Viewpoint Corporation

Viewpoint is a leading provider of digital marketing technologies and services for marketing and selling on the Web. Viewpoint focuses on licensing its proprietary technologies for e-commerce initiatives and provides a full range of professional services for implementing enhanced digital rich media marketing solutions that integrate online advertising, promotions and e-mail strategies. The Company is headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, London and Tokyo. Visit the Viewpoint Web site at

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