VideoPerception Simplifies Live Video Streaming for K-12 and Higher Education

January 20, 2005

Highlands Ranch, CO, January 18, 2005 / – VideoPerception, ( an Application Services Provider of end-to-end Web-based Video Solutions, today announced the release of VP Live!, a live video service for broadcasting Video-Over-IP. Designed to let educators broadcast any event on campus, VP Live! utilizes Windows Server 2003 push distribution to allow broadcasts to be initialized from a Windows Desktop system. VP Live One-Step Broadcasting:

“Live video broadcasting over IP has often been a difficult proposition for organizations, due to the expense and complexity of managing network infrastructure and server requirements,” said Kevin Rundblad, President/CEO of VideoPerception.

“VP Live! makes live broadcasting a simple process. Simply login with Windows Media Encoder 9 (Free Download), and start broadcasting from your connection.”

VP Live! offers an affordable live solution, without needing to purchase media servers, network hardware, or sign expensive bandwidth commitments. Features include:

    – Live Desktop Streaming (computer screen)
    – Resolutions up to 800 x 600 for broadband
    – Encoder Rollover for redundant video feeds
    – Live file archiving to CampusVP Accounts
    – Windows Media 7, 8, 9 or MPEG-4
    – Multiplatform delivery to PC or MAC
    – Encode & Deliver through firewalls

Fully hosted ASP Solution Cuts Costs:
VP Live is a fully managed ASP solution, so organizations incur zero up front investment in Media Servers, IT Personnel, and Network Bandwidth.

With an emphasis on simplicity and a truly economical approach to allowing organizations to create their own instant IP video networks, VideoPerception offers innovative solutions for decentralizing the production and delivery of video online. VideoPerception allows organizations of any size to utilize streaming video in their websites and learning modules.

About VideoPerception:
VideoPerception is a private, Colorado-based Application Service Provider of Online Video Solutions for Organizations, based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

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