Victor Valley College Becomes the 26th California Community College to Choose Datatel for Fully Integrated, Open-Architectured Information Technology System

November 19, 2001

Datatel, Inc. announced that Victor Valley College, a California Community College in Victorville, Calif., has chosen Colleague, Datatel’s all-encompassing solution for higher education, to provide a fully integrated information management system for campus-wide administration. The implementation of the multi-faceted solution will have a major impact in helping the college achieve its ongoing mission of technological advancement.

“Datatel’s solutions will help modernize student services and instruction at Victor Valley by greatly improving student registration processes, the management of student data, and the enhancement of communications between faculty and students,” said Jim Williams, Vice President of Administrative Services at Victor Valley College.

Because of the openness of Datatel solutions, Clients can implement products from a variety of vendors and select the technologies that work best for their particular institutions. Victor Valley is taking advantage of this flexibility by implementing the CampusCruiser portal from Timecruiser, a key Datatel partner.

The combination of Colleague and Web services will enable Victor Valley faculty, staff, and administrators to communication directly with students. In turn, students will have easy access to campus services, e-mail, and calendars 24×7. The fully-integrated, self-service solution will ultimately increase student satisfaction levels and grant easier access to the critical information that campus administrators need to do their jobs.

Datatel’s Colleague is a feature-rich solution, providing higher education institutions with over 35 different modules to help plan, manage, and analyze business processes and improve services to their constituents. Victor Valley will implement Colleague’s core system modules, including Activities and Events, Student Services, Campus Organization, Human Resources Management, and Financial Management. Safari Report Writer, a powerful reporting solution from Datatel strategic partner ASG, will be implemented as well.

Datatel’s WebAdvisor, an advanced Web-based self-service system, will also be incorporated as part of the solution, further enhancing the ability of campus constituents to perform critical service functions via the Web.

“We are very honored that Victor Valley College has joined the 25 other California Community Colleges that have become Datatel Clients,” said H. Russell Griffith, Datatel President and CEO. “Colleague and WebAdvisor, together with solutions from other Datatel strategic partners will provide the functionality, openness, and flexibility Victor Valley needs to better support its user base and dramatically improve decision-making.”

Victor Valley College is a member of 3CDUG, a regional group of Datatel Clients that participate in quarterly meetings focusing on current topics and specific issues affecting the higher education community.

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About Victor Valley

Victor Valley College is located in the High Desert region of Southern California about 90 miles northeast of Los Angeles, and serves approximately 15,000 students. The college was established in 1961 and offers AA and AS degrees, academic requirements for the first two years of college before transferring to a four year college or university, and a wide array of vocational/technical programs. VVC has recently added to its schedule networking certificates, biotechnologies, and an advance teacher technology training. The college also offers an Academy for Digital Animation, and is a primary supplier of online courses in its region.

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