Verizon Has Chosen OutStart Evolution Software Platform to Drive the Organization’s e-Learning Efforts

March 7, 2002

OutStart has announced Verizon has chosen its Evolution software platform to drive the organization’s e-learning efforts.

OutStart’s Evolution will enable Verizon to develop reusable learning content that will be stored, arranged and delivered as personalized courses through a variety of channels.

The content will be used to educate Verizon’s employees on key workday issues, such as work assignments or safety training, in order to optimize the performance of the workforce through more accessible and better quality training and education.

Evolution is a learning software platform that enables organizations to dramatically reduce the time and costs needed to create, assemble, deliver, and reuse formal and informal learning content in a scalable and centrally managed environment.

Organizations can easily and effectively deliver personalized learning content to employees, customers or partners — anywhere, anytime.

The ease of content development, the number and variety of delivery mediums, and the ability to provide a dynamic adaptive and prescriptive learner experience through rich assessment capabilities sets Evolution apart from the myriad of learning technologies available today.

“We are honored that Verizon has selected OutStart Evolution as their solution,” said Massood Zarrabian, CEO of OutStart. “Their choice speaks to the scalability of our enterprise grade learning platform, and the confidence our customers have in the return on investment that Evolution will provide,” he added.