Vemics Introduces Flexible Visual Communications Solution

July 27, 2004

NANUET, NY—July 27, 2004—Vemics, a leading supplier of live, interactive visual communications solutions, today announced an initiative aimed at solving the communication challenges of the trade and professional association marketplace.

According to research done by the American Society of Association Executives, trade and professional associations spend three times as much on member education and training as they do on direct lobbying of the government. Ninety-five percent of associations offer education programs for members, making that service the single most common association function.

Vemics replicates the dynamic experienced in a live meeting or classroom by combining the best features of web conferencing, data collaboration and high quality IP-based video conferencing. For geographically dispersed members, Vemics offers unprecedented flexibility and convenience by delivering this information directly to any desktop or laptop computer or to more than 200 HQ Global office buildings across the country. Vemics is providing all the benefits of a face-to-face meeting, on short notice, without the expense, lost productivity and stress of business travel.

“Vemics is the choice for associations looking to connect an increasingly dispersed membership, live and in real time, by providing complete turnkey solutions that support moving information from where it’s created to where it’s needed quickly, economically and efficiently,” said Vemics CEO Fred Zolla. “Whether it is an update on legislative issues or continuing education courses, Vemics can cost-effectively solve the communication challenges faced by these organizations today.”

Key features of Vemics’ solution include:

    • The system can function on either side of a corporate firewall without violating any security policies
    • Integrating the use of guided web browsing, PowerPoint, Excel, Word or any other Windows-based application into a rich media window
    • Connecting up to 99 end points into a single session (An end point can be a laptop, desk top or room system)
    • The system can invite existing video conferencing systems into the session, therefore leveraging existing infrastructure
    • All sessions can be archived for later retrieval

About Vemics, Inc.
Vemics provides businesses with real-time virtual learning and meeting solutions designed to enhance company performance by driving highly effective knowledge and information transfer. Vemics’ solutions are especially suited to education and communication that requires a high degree of visual and collaborative capability or where best-in-class corporate or industry specific content delivered in real-time by leading teachers, trainers, subject matter experts and coaches are meaningful to program success.

Kevin Whalen
Topaz Partners