Vemics Creates Video-enabled ‘Hot Spots’ Across the U.S.

May 12, 2004

All video-enabled hot-spot locations will be fully equipped with easy to use, multimedia PCs connected to GlowPoint’s (NASDAQ: GLOW) dedicated IP-based network, providing convenient access to low-cost, reliable broadcast-quality public learning and meeting environments.

“These partnerships allow businesses to take advantage of fully supported converged voice, video and data collaboration today,” said Vemics CEO Fred Zolla. “Vemics is the choice for businesses to connect an increasingly dispersed workforce, live and in real time, by providing complete turnkey solutions that support moving information from where it’s created to where it’s needed quickly, economically and efficiently.”

With today’s announcement, businesses and other organizations can now choose the solution most appropriate for their needs. Vemics can provide real-time learning and meeting solutions both within an organization or at hundreds of premier sites conveniently located in major markets. Vemics Video Hot Spots™ will reduce or eliminate the need for regional or national travel for sales training, product launches, professional development or face-to-face team meetings and make coaching, mentoring and access to best-in-class live content both affordable and available to more people within the organization.

HQ Global Workplaces is an operator of over 200 top of the line shared executive offices in 40 major markets throughout the United States and internationally. Lincoln Educational Services, Inc., a provider of continuing education programs, operates 28 state-of-the-art technical facilities in 14 states.

“HQ is delighted to be part of the Vemics solution. We bring unparalleled business facilities and superior, on-site support staff to the equation, helping ensure that Vemics customers will have a tremendous end user experience,” said Joe Wallace, Executive Vice President of Development at HQ Global Workplaces.

GlowPoint is the nation’s first and leading carrier-grade, IP-based video communications service provider. GlowPoint’s video communications services feature broadcast quality images with telephone-like reliability, features and ease-of-use.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for companies that can quickly and easily put video communications into the hands of businesses. This combination of GlowPoint’s network with Vemics, Lincoln and HQ Global creates an easily accessible and easy-to-use business tool that affordably brings the unique advantages of video communications to end users,” said David Trachtenberg, CEO, GlowPoint.

About Vemics, Inc.
Vemics provides businesses with real-time virtual learning and meeting solutions designed to enhance company performance by driving highly-effective knowledge and information transfer. Vemics’ solutions are especially suited to education and communication that requires a high degree of visual and collaborative capability or where best-in-class corporate or industry specific content delivered in real-time by leading teachers, trainers, subject matter experts and coaches are meaningful to program success.

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