VCampus Revolutionizes E-Learning Delivery Through New Web Services Platform

September 17, 2002

RESTON, Va., Sept. 17, 2002-VCampus Corporation, the leading provider of web-based, end-to-end e-Learning solutions, today announced the rollout of VNexus™, a next generation platform making VCampus the first e-Learning company to launch a fully SOAP-compliant Learning Management platform with unmatched web services capabilities.

Through VNexus, organizations can now take advantage of the cost effectiveness of an Application Service Provider while gaining a level of flexibility and customization previously attributed only to installed, behind-the-firewall solutions.

The VNexus platform takes a revolutionary approach to providing 100% web-based e-Learning services, enabling organizations to seamlessly integrate parts or all of VCampus functionality into their existing infrastructure and business processes, through universally accepted protocols. VCampus functionality can reside within an organization’s human resources and ERP applications, its intranet, a portal, or a student information system. The key value to organizations is seamless, real-time, and secure integration with VCampus e-Learning functionality, without having to purchase additional hardware, software, or augment their IT staff.

The new platform enhances VCampus’ ability to meet the needs of organizations seeking a high level of control over the interface, sequence, and location of learning portal activity. The system offers a “building-block” methodology to e-Learning features, where clients can seek the “blocks” or features they desire and assemble them into their infrastructure.

By standardizing on the SOAP protocol, VNexus employs XML, a recognized universal standard, to communicate with an organization’s information technology infrastructure. XML provides inherent flexibility because it can operate across any operating system or platform, thereby eliminating possible barriers to integration. Recognizing that some organizations have not standardized on XML, VCampus also offers other communication formats with VNexus.

“We worked closely with our clients in corporate, government, association and higher education markets to develop a platform that enables them to take their e-Learning solutions to the next level,” said Daniel Neal, President and CEO of VCampus. “The result is a ground-breaking technology that fully supports our commitment to superior service, functionality, flexibility and web-services-quality integration.”

“Too often, e-Learning resides as an island separate from the rest of an organization’s IT infrastructure,” said Tamer Ali, Director of Product Management. “VNexus is designed to change that by providing a highly flexible feature set that can be added to coexist seamlessly with the organization’s overall IT nervous system. The growth of e-Learning has also made it imperative that VCampus create an architecture that integrates well with legacy e-Learning applications.”

The first clients employing VNexus include an e-commerce portal seeking to tie product purchases with respective web-based courses about the products, and an international portal creating a customized, native language interface.

About VCampus

VCampus(R) Corporation (Nasdaq:VCMP) is the leading provider of end-to-end e-Learning solutions. The company develops, manages and hosts turnkey, web-based learning solutions for corporations, government agencies and higher education institutions. VCampus enables these organizations to offer complete global distance learning solutions to their customers, employees, distributors, suppliers and students. VCampus’ e-Learning solutions are designed to help clients deliver higher education programs to adult students; improve the performance of their distribution channels and suppliers; measure and develop their employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities; and increase their customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. VCampus distributes a courseware library of more than 5,000 web-based courses and has delivered more than 2.3 million courses to over 640,000 adult learners. VCampus Corporation is headquartered in Reston, VA. For more information, call 800-915-9298, or visit the

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