VCampus Powers Social Security Administration’s New Online University

March 6, 2002

RESTON, VA, March 4, 2002 ­ VCampus® Corporation (Nasdaq: VCMP), the

leading provider of end-to-end, web-based e-Learning solutions, today announced

that it is powering the Social Security Administration’s Online University.

VCampus developed the site to help SSA achieve its goal to cost-effectively

improve employee development and performance throughout more than 1,400 sites

across the United States.

VCampus provides all the hosting, technology management, and course content

for the campus, which was officially launched for SSA employees in February.

The Online University will provide educational access to SSA’s 65,000 employees

at the agency’s 1,400 field offices, 40 teleservice centers, and six program

service centers across the country.

VCampus was selected as SSA’s e-learning services provider through a General

Services Administration task order. VCampus won the SSA contract through an

extensive bidding and evaluation process, during which VCampus was named as

the ŒBest-Value’ provider for the SSA Online University.

SSA will leverage VCampus® extensive library of world-class courseware

to give employees anytime, anywhere access to a wide variety of courses, including

classes in management, office skills, computer technology and personal development.

Longer term, VCampus will work with SSA’s Office of Training to develop

customized courses to meet specific agency needs.

Also planned is special access to accredited higher education programs at the

bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. VCampus’ platform provides

SSA with full scalability to meet future growth of the campus‹all technology

upgrades will be managed by VCampus, reducing the need for SSA to dedicate substantial

IT staff to the project as it evolves.

VCampus® role with the SSA e-Learning site signifies the company’s

growing momentum in the government sector, building upon existing contracts

with agencies such as the General Services Administration and the Environmental

Protection Agency. VCampus is enabling these agencies and the SSA to meet the

requirements of Executive Order 13111, directing Federal agencies to enhance

employee training opportunities through training technology.

In addition, VCampus enables government agencies to comply with Section 508

of the Federal Rehabilitation Act, which provides disability guidelines. The

VCampus platform is Section 508 compliant, as is all the content on the SSA

Online University.

"SSA’s Office of Training should be applauded for their focused and proactive

plan to rapidly deliver a quality e-learning solution" said Daniel Neal,

President and CEO of VCampus. ³We are working closely with SSA to ensure

long-term success for their campus by implementing a fully integrated system

within the SSA environment. We’ve gained the experience to launch their online

university quickly and reliably from serving over 500,000 students across our

client base, and successfully implementing more than 80 VCampus environments.²

About VCampus

VCampus® Corporation (Nasdaq: VCMP) is the leading provider of end-to-end

e-Learning solutions. The company develops, manages and hosts turnkey, web-based

learning solutions for corporations, government agencies and higher education

institutions. VCampus enables these organizations to offer complete global distance

learning solutions to their customers, employees, distributors, suppliers and

students. VCampus’ e-Learning solutions are designed to help clients deliver

higher education programs to adult students; improve the performance of their

distribution channels and suppliers; measure and develop their employees’ knowledge,

skills and abilities; and increase their customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

VCampus distributes a courseware library of more than 4,000 web-based courses

and has delivered more than 2 million courses to over 500,000 adult learners.

VCampus Corporation is headquartered in Reston, VA. For more information, call

800-915-9298, or visit the VCampus website at

VCampus is a registered trademark of VCampus Corporation.


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