VCampus Offers Courses in Protecting Businesses Against Terrorist Activity

October 12, 2001

VCampus® Corporation (Nasdaq:VCMP) is pleased to make two courses immediately available to assist businesses in protecting themselves against terrorist activity. In addition, VCampus will be adding more courses over the coming weeks. These courses respond to the overwhelming demand from VCampus customers for timely courses and information in today’s new environment. The company is immediately offering How to Respond to an Anthrax Threat in a Mail Center, developed by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), and the first in the Protecting Against Terrorists series of training courses developed by Training 4 Today: Bomb Threats.

“Providing our customers with courses vital to today’s global situation is something we at VCampus take quite seriously,” says Daniel Neal, President & CEO of VCampus. “It is our hope that these courses will give our customers valuable information for dealing with subjects as sobering as these. These are critical courses for critical times.”

The Mail Center is a major vulnerability in any business or government agency. Each day, the typical Mail Center handles hundreds or thousands of packages from routine letters to confidential documents, high value parcels, and even money. How to Respond to an Anthrax Threat in a Mail Center covers screening procedures for letters or packages, a series of lessons about Anthrax and how to respond to an Anthrax threat. This training module will give mail managers and mailroom employees the tools to prepare for and respond to an Anthrax threat. The course was developed by leading experts at the United States General Services Administration and is available to all VCampus customers, as well as the general public, at

The online Protecting Against Terrorists series is under development by VCampus’ new partner Training 4 Today, a company specializing in web-based training for government and businesses throughout the United States, to provide courses related to today’s reality require protection from terrorist attacks in various forms. The first module, Protecting Against Bomb Threats, is available now and the remaining modules will be coming online in the coming weeks. Using information from the FBI, ATF and other law enforcement agencies, as well as FEMA, the Center for Disease Control and other health agencies, Protecting Against Terrorists is an outstanding introductory series for civil defense, utilizing the latest information on the war against terrorism. The six planned modules are:

  1. Bomb Threats

  2. Biological, Chemical and Radiological Threats

  3. Airplane Threats

  4. Cyber Crime Threats

  5. Car Jacking Threats

  6. Gun Threats

“We are excited about the Protecting Against Terrorist courses,” says owner Peter Kennedy. “Like every American, we were outraged with the events of September 11th. We believe that the Protecting Against Terrorist courses will help protect lives and property and they will contribute to our nation’s civil defense.”

“We are committed to providing the education demanded in today’s world,” says Randy Saari, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at VCampus. “The addition of these courses, and other related courses that we have under fast-track development, is one way that VCampus can contribute to the country’s efforts to protect our citizens.”

About Training 4 Today

Training 4 Today is an online training company based in San Diego, California that began operations in 1999. Specializing in safety, environmental, and human resources courses, Training 4 Today has produced courses for government agencies and businesses throughout the United States.

About VCampus

VCampus® Corporation (Nasdaq:VCMP) is the leading provider of end-to-end e-Learning solutions. The company develops, manages and hosts turnkey, web-based learning solutions for corporations, government agencies and higher education institutions. VCampus enables these organizations to offer complete global distance learning solutions to their customers, employees, distributors, suppliers and students. VCampus’ e-Learning solutions are designed to help clients deliver higher education programs to adult students; improve the performance of their distribution channels and suppliers; measure and develop their employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities; and increase their customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. VCampus distributes a courseware library of more than 4,000 web-based courses and has delivered more than 2 million courses to over 500,000 adult learners. VCampus Corporation is headquartered in Reston, VA. For more information, call 800-915-9298, or visit the VCampus website at “VCampus” is a registered trademark of VCampus Corporation.

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