VCampus Introduces “Security Short” on Selecting a Good Password

January 10, 2002

VCampus® Corporation (Nasdaq: VCMP), the

leading provider of end-to-end, web-based e-Learning solutions, has launched

the course “Selecting a Good Password” on its Security College Online


The course, which takes employees less than 10 minutes to complete and costs

$3 per user, gives basic instruction on how to select passwords that are easy

for the employee to remember and use but difficult for others to obtain or guess.

“Password selection may seem like a simple thing, but each year poor passwords

cost companies millions of dollars in security breaches” said Ron Freedman,

Vice President of Security Solutions at VCampus, who heads up Security College

Online. Yesterday’s report from the National Research Council makes

it even clearer that companies must take immediate action to better protect

themselves. We developed this course to help companies educate their employees

on how to choose passwords that prevent this type of vulnerability.²

³What makes this course so unique is that it is short, easy to follow,

and tactical in nature, targeting one of the highest risk areas of online security,

according to Freedman. length and ease make it the perfect kind

of course for organizations seeking to mitigate their security risks.²

According to the report issued yesterday by the National Research Council Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, U.S. computer systems are increasingly

vulnerable to cyberattacks, partly because companies are not implementing security

measures already available. As an example, the report noted that passwords are

the most common method used today to authenticate computer users. The report

recommends better training and education for employees among other measures

to respond to the increasing security challenge.

VCampus¹ Security College

Online provides best-in-class instruction on the latest security information and

technologies. VCampus is also working with companies that want to utilize Security

College Online to a greater extent by developing specialized course sequences

and volume pricing agreements. In addition, companies that want to incorporate

security content into their own e-Learning campuses can work with VCampus to

do so, either by leveraging VCampus¹ existing content or by having VCampus

develop custom content for them.

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