VCampus and UOL Inc., SA, Begin Rollout of Latin America’s Widest Reaching E-Learning Solution with the Launch of UOL-Argentina’s Distance Learning Portal

April 27, 2001

VCampus(R) Corporation (Nasdaq:VCMP), the leading provider of end-to-end e-learning solutions, today announced the launch of UOL-Argentina’s e-learning campus to the country’s 1 million UOL users. The launch marks the first stage in VCampus’ rollout to UOL’s 17 million Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking users throughout Latin America and the world through a three-year agreement in which VCampus is the exclusive e-learning provider for UOL.

With today’s launch, Argentines now have immediate access to 150 information technology and telecommunications courses through These courses range from certification courses in Microsoft and Cisco technology to ISDN and TCP/IP technology courses. Later, additional deployment of finance, management, and soft-skill courses will be implemented. Additionally, Argentines can now apply to American university-based degree programs through VCampus’ network of higher education partners.

The agreement between VCampus and UOL has the potential to generate additional revenue for both companies based on sales of VCampus content and content from third party content partners through UOL portals. VCampus and UOL, Latin America’s largest horizontal information portal and access provider, also plan e-learning solution launches in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, the United States and Brazil throughout the first half of this year. While the initial course offerings will be in English, VCampus and UOL are developing Spanish and Portuguese language content and securing partnerships with content providers that have high quality course offerings in those languages.

The launch will also introduce businesses, associations, government agencies, and institutions of higher education in Latin America to an easily and quickly implemented distance education solution that can be private labeled for all types of enterprises to solve many business problems.

“Our partnership with UOL is propelling VCampus into the position of the most widely used e-learning solution in Latin America, one of the fastest growing online markets in the world,” said Daniel Neal, President and CEO of VCampus. “We are very pleased to work with UOL as one of the world’s largest Internet Portals and expect this strategic partnership to be mutually beneficial on the service and revenue fronts for both companies.”

“We are very proud of the launch in Argentina because it signifies UOL’s continued commitment to serving our customers by giving them unprecedented access to high quality online educational resources,” said Alexandre Hohagen, Global Sales Director of UOL, Inc.

“The launch also demonstrates our focus on adopting technologies that continue to bolster UOL’s competitive position as the leading portal system in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking worlds. VCampus’ flexibility and scalability has enabled us to implement the virtual campus very quickly with options to grow content and functionality to meet future user demands.”

About UOL Inc. SA

In Latin America UOL maintains portals in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela and Colombia, and has also set up a portal in the United States to reach the Hispanic community in this country. In Europe, UOL has a presence in Spain. With more than 50 million pages seen every day, UOL Inc. has a daily average audience of over 10 million unique visitors throughout its market reach. These figures put UOL among the most visited sites in the world.

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