VCampus and Planeta Inteligente Launch E-Learning Campus to Deliver University Programs in Latin America

September 11, 2001

VCampus Corporation (Nasdaq: VCMP) and Planeta Inteligente today announced that the companies have launched the first e-learning portal to deliver complete university degree programs, as well as continuing education offerings, to students throughout Latin America. Six universities in Central and South America have contracted to provide offerings through the virtual campus, whose mission is to boost the education level among the region’s population in order to help these countries increase their competitive edge in the global economy.

The virtual campus is powered by VCampus, the leading provider of web-based, end-to-end e-learning solutions, which hosts and manages the portal on its e-learning platform. Planeta Inteligente, a revolutionary online educational service provider for Latin American academic and corporate markets, is building a community to link universities with online students in the academic, corporate and general consumer realms. Planeta Inteligente works directly with the academic institutions to help them deploy and administer their online programs. The Planeta Inteligente virtual campus will provide the access point whereby students can locate and participate in quality academic programs.

“We are excited to leverage VCampus’ vast e-learning experience to achieve our goal of providing Latin American populations with customized and timely online solutions that deliver the right information and skills to the right people at the right time,” said Juan Manuel Linares, President & Chief Operating Officer, Planeta Inteligente. “E-learning as a whole has an unparalleled potential to address issues that Latin American countries face today–the globalization of the economy, insufficiently skilled workforces, inadequate access to academic institutions, and new flexible work situations–that are not always easily addressed by traditional education.”

“Planeta Inteligente’s model of partnering with traditional academic institutions to provide more people with educational opportunities and strengthen universities’ revenue streams is an important example of how e-learning is crossing new frontiers and breaking down old barriers,” said Daniel Neal, President and Chief Executive Officer, VCampus. “E-learning is a growing market in Latin America and we are pleased to partner with Planeta Inteligente to capture the first-to-market advantage in the region.”

Formal education is the core product offered on the Planeta Inteligente portal powered by VCampus. Graduate and undergraduate degrees, accredited by certified higher-education institutions, will initially focus on economics, business administration, educational sciences, social sciences, arts, mathematics, natural sciences, humanities, and religious studies. In addition, the virtual campus will offer individual professional development courses in areas such as psychology, early family development, arts and society, personal finance, science and technology, computers and the Internet, and languages. Corporate training programs will also address computers, leadership, marketing, human resources, finance, logistics, and sales.

About Planeta Inteligente

Planeta Inteligente is an interactive network platform for learning. It utilizes technology-based learning resources to target the academic and corporate spheres with managed, interactive, timely and updated education tools. Planeta Inteligente offers a wide variety of high-quality educational programs and learning experiences provided by higher educational institutions in Latin America. Planeta Inteligente does not issue credits, diplomas or confer degrees; rather it acts as intermediary between students and affiliated higher educational institutions in the coordination of enrollment processes while providing the necessary e-support during the development of each course.

About VCampus

VCampus® Corporation (Nasdaq: VCMP) is the leading provider of end-to-end e-learning solutions. The company develops, manages and hosts turnkey, web-based learning solutions for corporations, government agencies and higher education institutions. VCampus enables these organizations to offer complete global distance learning solutions to their customers, employees, distributors, suppliers and students. VCampus’ e-learning solutions are designed to help clients improve the performance of their distribution channels and suppliers; measure and develop their employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities; and increase their customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. VCampus distributes a courseware library of more than 4,150 web-based courses and has delivered more than 2 million courses to over 503,000 adult learners. VCampus Corporation is headquartered in Reston, VA. For more information, call 800-915-9298, or visit the VCampus website at “VCampus” is a registered trademark of VCampus Corporation.

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