VBrick Systems Launches VBScheduler to Allow Users to Take Full Advantage of VBrick Enabled Network

May 28, 2002

VBrick Systems, Inc. announced the availability of the VBScheduler, a simple, yet powerful scheduling system for one-way or two-way video scheduling of VBrick appliances. This system, designed for scheduling videoconferencing and streaming applications, allows users to select VBricks to automatically send or receive a video stream at a pre-determined date and time. Advanced scheduling allows administrators to set recurring schedules for common events and easily copy, modify and update schedules.

The reliable VBScheduler provides organizations with greater control over their video network, while reducing administrative costs by providing a centralized console for scheduling and increasing productivity by reducing the potential for user error. The system will schedule VBricks to encode or decode any video source and can schedule a videoconference between multiple VBricks. In addition, users can configure VBricks to stream video to any PC or TV and set recurring schedules for events such as lectures or corporate meetings.

“Our customers often buy VBricks for one purpose and then realize they can be equally effective in a number of other applications. To help manage the frequent and varied use of the VBricks, we’re providing our users with a powerful and easy-to-use tool,” said Richard Mavrogeanes, president and founder of VBrick Systems. “VBScheduler will help them get the most out of their VBricks.”

VBScheduler controls VBrick’s award winning VBrick 6000 series MPEG-2 encoders and decoders. It is an optional software package designed for Windows based PCs and is available immediately.