VBrick Systems Collaborates With Internet2 to Provide Leading Video Technology To Universities

May 12, 2002

WALLINGFORD, CT and WASHINGTON, DC, May 2, 2002 – VBrick Systems, Inc., a leader in affordable DVD-quality video networking solutions, and Internet2, a consortium led by over 190 universities working in partnership with industry and government, announced today that VBrick has provided approximately $100,000 in equipment and software for use by Internet2 members.  

Internet2’s mission is to accelerate the creation of tomorrow’s Internet by helping members develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies today.  VBrick has provided state-of-the-art MPEG-2 units and accompanying software to the Internet2 community – some units will be available for all members to use on a pool basis, and some units will be shipped directly to two universities.

VBrick Systems selected the University of California at San Diego and Gallaudet University from over 20 institutions that submitted applications for the award-winning technology. The University of California will use VBrick technology to connect its five medical centers to the San Diego campus to provide continuing medical education to rural clinics via UCTV, the University’s direct broadcast channel.  Gallaudet University, the world’s only Liberal Arts University for the Deaf, will be using video conferencing, broadcast and video-on demand to supplement on-line courseware, sign language training, remote interpreting and special events broadcasts of deaf cultural events and programming.

“We are very pleased to have been selected by VBrick Systems to receive this important technology,” said Dr. Cynthia M. King, executive director of academic technology at Gallaudet University. “Real-time remote communications using sign language will be greatly improved with the DVD-quality available with VBrick’s video networking products.”

“Bringing together advanced networking capabilities deployed by Internet2 universities and leading-edge technology developed by an Internet2 corporate member will demonstrate the kind of collaboration capabilities the Internet of the future will enable,” said Ted Hanss, director of applications development for Internet2. “This effort embodies the cooperation between industry and academia that is at the heart of Internet2.”                       

“VBrick has long supported the efforts of the Internet2 consortium and we recognize the profound impact it will have on the evolution of the Internet,” said Rich Mavrogeanes, president and founder of VBrick Systems.  “It is our hope that by donating this equipment, the University of California at San Diego and Gallaudet University, as well as others in the consortium, will begin to experience first hand the power that DVD-quality two-way television over IP can bring to their communities.”

VBrick Systems offers a family of powerful yet affordable video networking products for use across a wide range of applications. In addition to MPEG video network appliances, VBrick Systems also offers complete turn-key Streaming Distribution Systems, Video On Demand Servers, and software like StreamPlayerII and StreamPump as well as a wide range of accessories.