VBrick Systems Brings DVD Quality Video to Any Network With the Launch of VBSTAR

February 11, 2002

VBrick Systems, Inc., a leader in affordable DVD-quality video networking solutions, today unveiled VBSTAR, the first video system that enables locations without broadband connectivity to receive and view DVD quality video.  VBSTAR meets the growing demand for high quality networked video across a wide range of applications like education, training, advertising, corporate communications, security and monitoring.

VBSTAR is a powerful yet affordable solution for organizations that want to bring the benefits of video to their operations.  VBSTAR can improve training and education while reducing costs, enhance corporate communications, open up innovative new advertising opportunities and augment security and monitoring systems.

“VBrick Systems is bringing high quality video to a range of real business applications where it was once too expensive or the quality was too poor for video to be used effectively,” said Michael Hoch, senior analyst with Aberdeen Group.  “The launch of VBSTAR brings VBrick’s expertise to a new set of applications by extending its capabilities to non-broadband environments.  Given the long-stalled promise of video over IP, it’s refreshing to see a company with actual product delivering concrete value to its customer base.”

Operated with a simple remote control, the VBSTAR enables users to record live video from any source, save it directly to an internal disk as MPEG 2 video and transfer it to VBSTARs located anywhere in the world via the Internet, IP or ATM networks.  The video can then be viewed on standard TV monitors and streamed to an unlimited number of PC desktops simultaneously. Capable of storing up to 20 hours of video, VBSTAR includes advanced features that allow users to record one stream while viewing another.  Full product details are available at www.vbrick.com/vbstar.asp.

“Until now, expensive equipment and high bandwidth requirements have limited organizations from delivering on-demand video to a wide audience,” said Fred Geyer, VBrick Systems’ CEO. “VBSTAR makes true on-demand video an affordable reality by combining digital television recording, advanced networking, high performance video storage and an integral MPEG-2 video server.  VBSTAR liberates organizations from the constraints of their network infrastructure to deliver high quality video anytime, anywhere.”

VBSTAR is easy to install, use and configure via integral web server, SNMP, Telnet or local terminal.  Available with both an encoder and a decoder, VBSTAR includes 48GB of internal storage, an on-screen recording and playback guide, all managed by the IR remote control.