U.VA. Center For Biomedical Ethics Launches Website on Bioterrorism

April 1, 2003

The free website, found at www.bioethics.net/hottopics/bioter/is a collaboration with the American Journal of Bioethics. It is a one-stop source for writers, journalists, academics and the general public searching for opinion and information on the ethical questions surrounding bioterrorism.

“The ethical issues concerning our preparation and response to biological and chemical weapons and potential terrorist attacks are quite complex and go to the heart of our social values,” said Jonathan Moreno, director of the Center for Biomedical Ethics at U. Va. ‘We are developing this website to foster public knowledge and conversation about these issues. The decisions we make about bioterrorism will be the most important ones we make in this new kind of war.”

The site includes scholarly articles, news stories, books and videos on such topics as: anthrax exposure and the anthrax vaccine, smallpox, genetically-engineered weapons, and whether Saddam Hussein or his government should face war crimes trials for Iraq’s use of chemical and biological weapons in human experimentation.