Using ePortfolios to Measure Student Learning in a Graduate Preparation Program in Higher Education

April 30, 2013

Ten second-year master’s students in a higher education program participated in this study, which was designed to assess their experience with an electronic portfolio that had been introduced recently as a primary component of their comprehensive exam. This qualitative study used a focus group and long-interview methods for data collection. Participants responded to an interview protocol of several open-ended questions that allowed them to discuss their experiences and challenges with this capstone experience. Through a variety of coding techniques, five themes emerged: (a) students have difficulty adapting to change; (b) reflection and decision-making takes time; (c) students need regular reassurance; (d) students learn a great deal about themselves; and (e) the ePortfolio is a very powerful experience. Findings suggest several implications for practice, including preparing new professionals, being a new professional, and supervising new professionals.

International Journal of ePortfolio

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