U.S. Navy’s Center For Naval Leadership Employs

June 24, 2003

Through interactive resources available on the portal Navy Knowledge Online (NKO), CNL offers Sailors of every rank, both active and reserve, the opportunity to identify and strengthen the leadership skills that they must possess to ensure the Navy’s continuing success.

As part of its mission to offer Sailors a “just in time, just enough, just for me,” personal development resource, CNL selected Harvard ManageMentor® PLUS, an online reference tool created by HBSP that provides information and materials on 33 topics fundamental to managerial success including “Assessing Performance,” “Becoming a Manager,” “Leading a Team,” “Giving and Receiving Feedback,” and many more. This easy-to-use resource allows sailors to access topics that are specific to their needs at a given time. HBSP’s eLearning division has been working closely with the staff of CNL to customize the look and feel of Harvard ManageMentor® by incorporating a series of Navy personnel images into the program. As the leadership development initiative moves forward, eLearning will continue to work with the Navy to support their customization of the 33 topics.

The collaboration between CNL and HBSP reflects an important component of the Navy’s ongoing commitment to provide cutting edge leadership training to Sailors throughout its ranks. Driven by a desire to break new ground in leadership training, CNL is developing a blended learning solution that draws on best practices and lessons learned from private industry, academia, and the other Armed Forces.

“The Navy’s vision is to create a leadership development continuum that provides our people with the resources to excel both professionally and personally,” said CAPT Chad Sain, Commanding Officer, Center for Naval Leadership. “Leveraging resources such as the Harvard ManageMentor® PLUS allows the Navy to tailor training to an individual so they are getting the right training, at the right time.”

“We are delighted to be collaborating with the Navy on this exciting leadership development initiative,” said Maureen Betses, Vice President of eLearning at Harvard Business School Publishing. “CNL represents a revolutionary application of tools that have been used successfully by businesses around the globe to create an effective and consistent knowledge basis among their managers. We look forward to expanding our relationship with CNL as they continue to broaden and deepen their offerings in leadership development.”

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