U.S. Bancorp Chooses Pathlore for Employee Development

April 29, 2003

Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp, with assets in excess of $180 billion, is the 8th largest financial services holding company in the United States. The Minneapolis-based banking institution operates 2,142 banking offices and 4,604 ATMs, and provides a comprehensive line of banking, brokerage, insurance, investment, mortgage, trust and payment services products to consumers, businesses and institutions. With today’s announcement, U.S. Bancorp joins a Pathlore customer list of more than 100 banking and financial institutions.

According to market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), long-term success with e-learning comes when a company aligns its employees’ training and development with its corporate objectives.

“U.S. Bancorp sees that employees must share and process new knowledge if the organization wants them to contribute to its bottom line,” said Michael Brennan, program manager for IDC. “Tools and services like Pathlore’s LMS facilitate the input and distribution of know-how that can improve an organization’s customer service.”

To make that exchange of know-how happen, workers will launch Pathlore’s LMS from a desktop computer. Using the LMS, employees have a way to create and view education plans with their managers. Pathlore’s wares also integrate with the bank’s human resource software. And that, for example, lets U.S. Bancorp include training records in employee reviews. Employees can use the LMS to access online courses, too.

With Pathlore’s LMS in place, bank employees can also choose training that will help them unlock the bank’s best practices. At an online “student-learning center,” employees can decide which courses to take and when to take them. Mary Morand, senior vice president and director of Performance Improvement & Training at U.S. Bancorp, says, “Pathlore’s LMS is like an air-traffic control system for organizational readiness.”

“Pathlore gives U.S. Bancorp the means to automate course selection and registration,” said Steve Thomas, chief executive officer of Pathlore. “At a strategic level, our LMS links the bank’s objectives to each employee’s career goals, which will help to reduce employee turnover and boost on-the-job performance.”

Pathlore’s LMS is built on an n-tier architecture, which allows Web-based delivery of courses. And the system’s database-server tier leverages standard RDBMS technology such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Pathlore recently updated its product to a .NET architecture.

About Pathlore

Founded in 1995, Columbus, Ohio-headquartered Pathlore develops software that manages, tracks, and reports on corporate training. Customers use Pathlore’s products to increase sales, comply with government regulations, and adhere to quality initiatives. The privately held company’s client roster includes Delta Air Lines, NEC America Inc., Southwest Airlines, more than 100 hospitals and healthcare providers, and government agencies in over 30 states such as California, Ohio, and Texas. Pathlore also has offices in Australia, Italy, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. More information about Pathlore can be found at http://www.pathlore.com

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