University of North Dakota: Dr. James Shaeffer named UND Interim Chief Information Officer — University Information Technology Council being created

May 11, 2001

May 09, 2001 — Effective immediately, Dr. James Shaeffer will serve as the University of North Dakota’s Chief Information Officer on an interim basis. The position is in addition to Shaeffer’s responsibilities as Associate Vice President for Outreach Services and Dean of Outreach Programs.

This title of Interim CIO recognizes Shaeffer’s activities in the development, implementation, and ongoing refinement of the Information Technology Task Force Strategic Plan.

In cooperation with the Director of the Computer Center, and with input and counsel from the University Information Technology Council (which is being created), Shaeffer’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing broad leadership in developing a University-wide vision for IT, acting as a central contact for IT for internal and external constituencies, and advocating high-quality, university-wide service while supporting local autonomy, creativity and entrepreneurial efforts of individual colleges and units.

  • Facilitating discussion and education of the UND community in the use of information technology for teaching/learning and research.

  • Creating and supporting processes and teams to extend distance learning opportunities.

  • Guiding the implementation of the UND Information Technology Plan.

  • Advocating and supporting the purchase of appropriate software and hardware and helping to ensure that we have the personnel necessary for program and course development using information technology.

University Information Technology Council The Chief Information Officer will also chair the University Information Technology Council (UITC). The creation of this council was recommended as part of the University’s strategic planningprocess by the Information Technology Planning Task Force established in September 1999. A permanent council reporting to the President; the UITC will maintain and monitor a comprehensive, up-to-date information technology strategic plan for the University of North Dakota and to provide advice on all matters having to do with uses of information technology. Membership on the Council will be broadly representative and will include several ex officio appointments. Terms of appointment to this Council will be staggered with one-third expiring each year beginning in July of 2003. Membership is renewable.

The permanent Chair will be the University’s Chief Information Officer; the permanent Vice Chair will be the Director of the Computer Center.

The Council supercedes the Academic Computer Advisory Committee and will initially have broadly overlapping membership with the Information Technology Fee Committee.