United States Postal Service Partners With KnowledgeNet E-Learning For Off-the-Shelf IT Training

September 27, 2001

KnowledgeNet.com, Inc. recently announced it will provide access to off-the-shelf e-learning IT training to employees of the United States Postal Service (USPS) National Center For Employee Development (NCED). While the Center’s estimated target audience is initially 100,000 people, the partnership supports access to KnowledgeNet®’s e-learning platform by all 800,000 postal employees.

Using a “blended” learning approach, the NCED will offer KnowledgeNet’s asynchronous, Web-based library of IT courseware, including Cisco®, Microsoft®, Oracle® and CompTIA®, as a complement to the organization’s existing lab-based residential, satellite, and field-based technical training efforts.

“This is a significant venture for the Postal Service as it represents a major e-learning initiative,” said Steve Mosier, NCED manager. “KnowledgeNet will be an excellent partner for this effort as they are a pure e-learning player. They offer high-quality, certified IT content, and provide a truly innovative delivery method with proven results. We are confident that this program will allow us to attract an even broader student base of postal and non-postal workers seeking high-quality technical training that does not require them to travel to an offsite facility. This partnership also allows us to deliver the KnowledgeNet courseware as a value-added service to customers that take advantage of NCED’s residential, lab-based learning experiences.”

“We are thrilled to serve as an e-learning partner for the NCED,” said KnowledgeNet CEO Tom Graunke. “Our goal is to work with the Center to implement a large-scale, blended e-learning initiative that will enhance their existing training offerings, and allow them to further expand and diversify their student population.”

In addition to providing off-the-shelf KnowledgeNet INTERACTIVE (self-paced) courses through the NCED, the USPS will offer KnowledgeNet LIVE (instructor-led) and EXPRESS (replay of live, instructor-led classes) via the Web. The courses will be supplemented by KnowledgeNet’s comprehensive support services. These include pre and post-assessment testing, access 24 hours a day for 7 days a week (24×7), online lab simulations, a hosted learning management system and a personalized virtual campus community. Mentoring support will be available for some courses.

About the USPS National Center for Employee Development

The National Center for Employee Development is a full-service, employee development and conference campus in Norman, OK, serving as the technical training facility for the United States Postal Service. The NCED’s primary mission is to provide advanced education for employees who operate and maintain high-technology postal systems. Core technical programs cover building systems, automation equipment, material handling, vending equipment, vehicle maintenance, maintenance management, and environmental and safety programs. Course delivery methods include residential, satellite, computer-based and field-based instruction. The NCED also offers many of its learning programs to other government agencies and private corporations.

In FY 2001, NCED delivered over 240 different courses, ranging from two-hour seminars to six-week courses, to 36,000 postal employees. The Center also operates the Postal Satellite Training Network (PSTN), which currently supports approximately 1,000 postal downlink sites throughout the U.S. In addition, NCED manages the national Automated Enrollment System, used by NCED and other USPS functions as a learning management system. Visit www.conference-ok.com or call Dalton Young at 405-366-4123 for more information on NCED.

About KnowledgeNet.com, Inc.

KnowledgeNet delivers next-generation Internet-based training — “e-learning” — that enables enterprises and individuals alike to enjoy online training with fresh content and excellent instructional design. The Company’s multiple synchronous and asynchronous content delivery solutions represent an integrated suite of e-learning products that can be easily customized to suit individual learning styles. KnowledgeNet has received nearly a dozen industry distinctions for its e-learning solutions, including the Macromedia e-learning award for Best Corporate Training application, Brandon Hall of Fame gold and bronze medals in the Information Technology category, the Information Technology Training Association Award for Excellence, and the United States Distance Learning Association Award for Excellence. The Company is a Cisco Learning Solutions Partner, and is a Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center (CTEC) as well as a Microsoft Certified Partner.

Companies choose KnowledgeNet’s integrated e-learning solutions for their proven return on investment, high pass rates, engaging content, and superior customer service. A September 2000 CMP Media survey revealed that KnowledgeNet e-learning delivers high-quality results, with 94% of KnowledgeNet students passing their certification exams. KnowledgeNet customers include blue chip companies and institutions such as Boston University Corporate Education Center, Cisco, GE, Lockheed Martin, Sun Educational Services, and WorldCom. Founded in 1998, KnowledgeNet is a privately held company based in Phoenix, Arizona. The Company is backed by Cisco Systems, Morgenthaler Ventures, Sierra Ventures, Trinity Ventures, and Berkeley International Capital Corporation.