UNC/Campus Pipeline Develop Prospective Student Portal

October 1, 2002

Relationship Accelerates Portal Availability; Builds on Market-Leading Digital Campus Technology

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. and SALT LAKE CITY—October 1, 2002—Campus Pipeline, Inc. and the 16-campus University of North Carolina today announced the co-development of a prospective student portal that will deliver online access to information and services for prospective or recently admitted students and interactively guide them through a host of campus resources. Based on Campus Pipeline™ Luminis™ technologies, the portal will be made available to the broader higher education market.

More prospective students use the Web as a source of information for determining which college to attend than all other sources combined. A strong prospective student portal helps colleges and universities build more meaningful relationships with prospective students earlier in the selection process — delivering highly personalized and relevant content and services, improving communication, and effectively attracting and retaining prospective students. The portal also streamlines the online processing of forms and reduces mailing costs.

“We are excited about the opportunities the portal brings regarding a virtual ‘one-stop’ for prospective students to not only get additional information about our campus, but also to give them a step-by-step guide to navigate the sometimes confusing elements of becoming a college student,” said Tom Canepa, associate vice chancellor for enrollment management at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee. “Those of us who work in higher education understand the jargon and processes – the portal ‘translates’ this into simple steps for students and their parents. By hopefully anticipating the various questions and pitfalls that can occur, the portal also should help with office efficiency and customer service.”

This co-developed solution will provide an array of flexible features that turn the Web into a more powerful and easy-to-use tool for recruiting, relationship building, and admissions management. Built to streamline and personalize many of the otherwise labor-intensive interactions, the prospective student portal is designed to enhance communications between institutions and prospective students and to improve admissions yields while helping institutions realize more efficiency in their recruiting operations.

The 16 UNC campuses have formed an internal organization to support shared administrative services known as the UNC Shared Services Alliance (UNC Alliance). The UNC Alliance began the development of a statewide solution around the time that they were adopting the Campus Pipeline™ Web Platform. Because the Web Platform provides similar portal, communications, personalized content, integration, and other services for students, faculty, staff, and other campus constituents, it was a natural extension of the technology to serve the specific needs of prospective students as well.

“This agreement represents an ideal public-private partnership. We have already seen great success by working with Campus Pipeline and we are eager to repeat this success through this joint development agreement,” said Robyn Render, UNC vice president for information resources and chief information officer. “Together we will deliver a comprehensive prospective student portal to the participating UNC institutions and to all interested institutions throughout the higher education community.”

Through this collaboration with Campus Pipeline, the UNC Alliance will:

· Standardize all participating campuses on a single platform technology;

· Improve communications, information sharing, and delivery of services between the institutions of the UNC Alliance and prospective applicants;

· Reduce the time and cost associated with the recruiting and admissions process;

· Increase the overall yield (admitted to accepted ratio);

· Increase the overall level and number of services the campuses are able to offer prior to arriving on campus; and

· Share their experience and effort with the entire higher education community

Furthermore, the UNC Alliance will upgrade to the new Campus Pipeline Luminis family of platform/portal, content management, and integration products, ensuring interoperability and scalable support for all the institutions in the Alliance. By so doing, the Alliance will be able to provide better technical support for all campuses, maximize facilitated collaboration between IT offices, and reap long-term cost benefits across the system.

“Campus Pipeline has a long history of working in partnership with higher education for the development of new products and services. By involving institutions directly in our product development process, we ensure that the technologies we deliver meet the specific needs of higher education,” said Darin Gilson, president and COO of Campus Pipeline. “The institutions of the UNC Alliance fit the ideal profile for such collaboration — innovative, diverse, and highly esteemed by their peers. We are proud to be chosen for this effort.”

About the UNC Shared Services Alliance

The UNC Alliance is an organization that represents all 16 UNC campuses. Its mission is to serve as a forum for exploring technology-related opportunities for collaboration among Alliance institutions. Key to this collaboration is providing member institutions with common administrative systems and baseline services, modified with UNC enhancements, tested for reliability, timeliness, and quality, and reflective of the dynamics of organizational and technological change.

About Campus Pipeline, Inc.

Campus Pipeline Inc. delivers software and services for higher education, helping institutions unify campus data, enterprise applications, and services into a Web-centralized “digital campus.” Today more than 200 colleges and universities worldwide use Campus Pipeline technologies including the Campus Pipeline™ Web Platform, the industry’s first and most widely used Web platform, and the Campus Pipeline™ Luminis™ family of platform, content management, and integration products. For more information, call 888.682.PIPE or visit www.campuspipeline.com.

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