UMUC/PBS Live broadcast on Accessibility in Online Learning,

April 7, 2004


Supported with grants from SBC Foundation and NEC Foundation of America

You are invited to participate in a live satellite broadcast on accessibility in online teaching and learning from 2:30-4:00 pm on April 22, 2004. The broadcast will be in the form of a moderated panel discussion with call-in questions from participants at sites around the country.

Among the areas the program will cover:

* How students with disabilities are navigating the Web, and how inaccessible course content impacts the work of faculty and staff

* How to address accessibility problems posed by courseware, course management systems, multimedia, and use of audio and video in onlinecourses

* What kind of collaborative models have been developed to help faculty and staff meet the challenge of online accessibility

* How to develop institutional coordination policies in your campus or organization

* What faculty and staff development programs can do to enhance understanding of disability and technology

* What role good teaching plays in improving online accessibility

* How Universal Design and Universal Design for Instruction can inform the process of ensuring online accessibility

Disability support providers as well as faculty, course designers, academic computing staff, and others impacted by online accessibility issues will want to participate in this program.

More detailed information about the program appears on the PBS Web Adult Learning Service site at

For information on registering and participating in this live event please visit

PBS/ALS live programs are available via PBS’s C-band and Ku-band digital signals as well as a C-band analog signal (coordinates are sent with
license confirmation). There is also a video streaming option for an additional fee.