UC Berkeley Extension Opens Instructor Development Series to Public

August 29, 2001

Teaching is a demanding profession, and the more tools teachers can have at the ready the better. For the first time this fall, UC Berkeley Extension opens its signature instructor development workshop series to the public. A series of six one-day workshops will prepare instructors of adults and areas of specialty for more effective teaching with techniques and strategies successfully used to train Extension instructors since 1996.

The first workshop of the “Instructor Development Workshop Series” will begin on Saturday, Sep. 8, 9am-4pm, at UC Berkeley Extension, 1995 University Ave., in Berkeley. Subsequent workshops will be held throughout the fall on Sat., Sep. 22, Oct. 6, Nov. 10, Dec. 1 and Dec. 8, at one of two UC Berkeley Extension locations in Berkeley. The fee is $100 for each workshop. To enroll, call (510) 642-4111, or enroll online at www.unex.berkeley.edu. The interactive workshops are designed as a series, but may be taken individually. On completion of all six workshops, participants will receive a UC Berkeley Extension certificate of completion.

The workshops are designed for teachers or instructors of any variety, from college-level teachers to instructors of business and corporate training. The workshops are also an ideal way to prepare for the prospect of teaching specialty courses at UC Berkeley Extension, a leader in Bay Area continuing and professional education.

Each workshop provides essential information on designing, implementing and assessing courses for the adult learner. For example, in “Effective Uses of Instructional and Distance Learning Technology,” instructor Tom Rauch, M.B.A., will teach participants how to use modern technologies to enhance, rather than supplant, effective learning.

“The internet is no longer a quick way of downloading articles, it’s the library itself, a source of specialized information once inaccessible to most teachers and students,” says Rauch.

The five other workshops are “Planning Your Course,” led by Zachary Wong, Ph.D.; “Effective Strategies and Techniques for Adult Learners” and “Assessment and Evaluation Techniques,” both led by Nancy Stetson, Ed.D.; and “Creating an Environment for Learning” and “Effective Instruction for Non-Native Speakers of English,” both led by Lori Beth Howard, M.S.

For a free catalog listing 1,300 courses offered by UC Berkeley Extension this fall in locations around the Bay and beyond, call toll-free 1-888-UC-SMART (1-888-827-6278) or visit Extension’s Web site at www.unex.berkeley.edu.

Calendar Listing:

  • Sep. 7: “Instructor Development Workshop Series”

  • Sep. 8, 9am-4pm, UC Berkeley Extension, 1995 University Ave., Berkeley; subsequent workshops on Sat., Sep. 22, Oct. 6, Nov. 10, Dec. 1, Dec. 8, all 9am-4pm, in two Berkeley locations. Single workshop fee: $100. To enroll, call (510) 642-4111 or enroll online at www.unex.berkeley.edu.