U. S. Department Of Education Requests Proposals For ‘What Works Clearinghouse’

March 28, 2002

In an effort to provide education decision-makers with the tools they need to

make choices that are guided by the best available scientific evidence, the

U.S. Department of Education is seeking proposals to award a contract to develop

a national clearinghouse that summarizes programs and strategies proven to be

effective in improving education. The use of research-proven strategies is one

of the key principles of No Child Left Behind.

"The What Works Clearinghouse will allow users to determine which programs

and practices have the strongest evidence of effectiveness based on solid, reliable,

scientific research," said Grover "Russ" Whitehurst, U.S. assistant

secretary for the office of educational research and improvement. "Educators

will have easy access to evidence regarding a variety of programs and practices

that could help enhance student achievement."

The clearinghouse will be an accessible and searchable online database of evidence

on the programs, practices and products that are intended to enhance academic

achievement and other important educational outcomes. The new tool will contain

reviews of scientific research evidence relative to claims of educational effectiveness.

Specifically, the Department will be asking the contractor to develop and maintain

five databases for the clearinghouse:

An educational interventions registry that identifies potentially replicable

programs, products, and practices that are claimed to enhance important student

outcomes, and synthesizes the evidence related to these interventions.

An evaluation studies registry, which is linked electronically to the educational

interventions registry, and contains information about the studies constituting

the evidence of the effectiveness of the program, products, and practices reported.

An approaches and policies registry that contains evidence-based research reviews

of broader educational approaches and policies.

A test instruments registry that contains scientifically rigorous reviews of

test instruments used for assessing educational effectiveness.

An evaluator registry that identifies evaluators and evaluation entities that

have indicated their willingness and ability to conduct quality evaluations

of education interventions.

For more information on the request for proposals for the What Works Clearinghouse,

visit the Department of Education’s Web site at: http://www.eps.gov/spg/ED/OCFO/CPO/ED-02-R-0009/listing.html

Contact: Dan Langan

David Thomas

(202) 401-1576