U of Washington licenses certificate program to Thai university

January 24, 2003

Students in Thailand now have the option to earn a certificate from the University of Washington, but on their home turf.

The UW Educational Outreach and Chulalongkorn University have signed an agreement to permit the Thai university to teach courses for the UW’s certificate in Project Management, one of the UW’s most popular and successful continuing education programs.

The agreement allows Chulalongkorn to use the UW’s teaching modules, materials and distance-learning tools to teach students the basics of planning, budgeting, managing people and risks and other skills necessary to complete a project. Students who complete the program will earn certificates from the University of Washington and Chulalongkorn.

“People will learn how to complete a project in time, within budget and according to the specifications,” said Hiroko Roe, manager of the certificate program

To ensure the quality of the program, the UW is reviewing and approving the instructors at Chulalongkorn and the students in the program. The instructors will use the UW course materials in both the classroom and through distance learning to teach the classes in the program.

This is the first time the UW has licensed one of its certificates to an university abroad. The certificate in project management was licensed to Eastern Washington University last year, but the UW does not provide instructional oversight to those students.

The project management certificate is the most popular certificate program offered by the UW Educational Outreach, the UW division that handles continuing education. The program drew 155 applications last fall. The UW is also offering this program to satellite locations in Bainbridge Island, Bellevue, Everett and Kent.

Certificate programs are short-term, evening or weekend programs that teach a specific set of skills or knowledge. Students who complete the requirements earn a valued certificate. The UW offers over 100 certificates in fields ranging from business, computing and technology, sciences and the humanities. For more information on the UW’s certificate programs, visit www.outreach.washington.edu

For more information (press only) contact: Hiroko Roe, program manager, 206-685-6447, hroe@ese.washington.edu